Treadmill Work Station

Is this even possible?

Because I can work out while working!  What a multi-tasking moment!

treadmill workstation side view
A photo from Flickr
I would like this to be my project this weekend.  Make a total WORK STATION (cool it, Marie!  You cannot even finish your laundry! And you don't even know how to saw! You are good at SEWING, not SAWING, remember????)!

I can picture myself using this!  I will be doing my cash flow spreadsheets and financial statements (Tax Season, you are so near) while trying to finish my 4 K, or blogging while I try to catch my breath  (and the keyboard catches the drool hihihi)!

Naah! Working isn't even possible while working out!  I can't see myself doing it (even if I keep hearing this Glee song Don't Stop Believing right now)!  I.Just.Don't.Believe.It. Seryoso.

Besides, why would I do things I totally ABHOR together???

I would rather just sit down and eat these...

My Belgian Chocolates!
Adrian: Mama, can I have some?
Me:  I would love to give you one, but look, the ipis (cockroach) ate it na!
(heehee! That is one big bite by an ipis! )


Too Tired After Exercise!

An Image From www.freedigitalphotos.net
I just about killed myself a few hours ago.  Running on guilt from all the fruitcake I ate (I swear, it was the best I have tasted.  Besides, it is free and shh...I am keeping it somewhere else, so the girls won't discover it), the work out I missed yesterday (after the workouts I missed the previous days!), and the Christmas food I ate (consisting of carbs and fats and I am in fat heaven lol.), I just need to bust my butt off.

My wishful thinking the other day was that I was going to do a 4 kilometer run on the treadmill (which takes me from 40 minutes to one hour depending on the speed) and eventually do a 6K  in an hour, 10 minutes on the Stepper and 5 minutes on this thing called...dang, I don't know its name...you go on all fours and push it (it's got two wheels, abs get a real workout equivalent to planking). I did that the other day, promising to do it again the next day (exercise gives you the exhiliration to promise yourself crazy things), failed, then did it again today, with the promise that I will do the whole gig every.single.day.  

I have been this way practically for the past seven years without making any breakthrough.  My weight is the same.  Which bothers me a lot.  Is my metabolism way too slow? Or I just eat way too much?

And I don't even like rice, ha?  I can live without rice and sweets probably, if I just don't see them haha. They are such big temptations.  I tend to graze, which ruins my workouts, plus I may be stressing out too much, which I have read somewhere (by Jillian, most probably)would cause weight gain, especially on my marshmallow belly area.

Come to think of it, I always had a marshmallow belly.  Even when I was single.  But I was super fit before I got married ha (with a little marshmallow puff lang).  I was doing one hour step workouts with one pound weights.  Tapos, when I was pregnant with the two girls, I was walking everyday for like ten rounds around Burnham Lake (around 30-40 minutes).  With Adrian, I was doing Yoga for Pregnant Women. And over the years, I have collected almost all Beach Body Workouts, and even did Turbo Fire (just for a while), with a dream to do Insanity sometime.

So, why am I stuck with zero weight loss and a body practically like Sharon's (Not hihi)?  (Weight gain pa nga, eh).  I tend to blame it on my age, pero siguro, I burn calories ever soooo slooooooowlyyyyyy.  I am stuck with slow metabolism.

My only hope may be the South Beach Diet.  I actually lost weight when I did it for two weeks last September.  I would have gotten more spectacular results had I not been in and out of being sick that month. I am so attempting to do it again next year, which starts in two days (Ha!).  All I really need is motivation, inspiration, plus the willingness to prepare my SBD food.  Wish me luck!



Blogger Blues/On Vacation!

I shouldn't have complained about the ads, because it seems some ads are gone, here and my Project: Me, Only Better blog.  I am soo hoping it is just a hitch.  Although, I might lose sleep on this.  Bring on the "Meet The Girls" ads.  I don't mind na!


So anyway, I am on vacation! Woot! Woot!  I checked a week ago with Gel over at H.R.  if  I still had unused forced leaves and special leaves.  Turned out I still had three, which is equivalent to the remaining workdays this week-December 26 to 28, 2012.  So happy to be on break.  I would be happier if I win some lotto or something, though cuz Dear Lord I so want to be a Stay At Home Mom (SAHM).  A Work At Home Mom (WAHM) won't be so bad, either.  I always get drained working.  It was never my wish even when I was a kid.  I am a sloth haha.  

We don't have any vacation plans, though, because the Vince has to work (it is the office's busiest time, aside from April).  I am so jealous at my brother and my cousins!  Kami lang this Christmas, unlike other years when I had my bro and nephew plus Ate Digs and Kuya Anton over (my cousins).  This year, they spent Christmas at Vancouver where Tessa, another cousin is.  I wish I would win the lotto and be with them, too...

The year 2012 was not too good for me and the Vince.  A lot of things were not just happening.  Sometimes, I do get green-eyed at other people because they seem to be doing better than we are.  But come to think of it, we are not doing that bad.  Other people have it worse.  Kaya lang, sometimes I wish things would have turned out better.

At work, although I wrote a post about being transferred and having  less (a whole lot less) stress, relationships were not that good.  A friend (Halle Berry) who used to be a good good friend suddenly was not talking to me and another friend.  We are talking here of a professional/serial best friend killer and I don't have a chance.  Include, among other things, this person's ability to really put you down and cheat you of opportunities at work and you are so done.  I sometimes feel like a robot, just getting up to do some work, largely ignoring them, and going home being drained by all the negativity.

There are a lot of things to be thankful though.  I have the best husband and kids ever. And my dad is doing fine!  I cannot imagine a life without him...

Dear Lord, I would be waaay happy if something better happens to my professional life.  Having people hating me and probably saying and doing hurtful things behind my back and cheating me of what work I should justly have is totally bringing down my happiness meter...


Merry Christmas Everybody!

Happy Christmas Everyone!  Happy Birthday, my dear Jesus!!!

Rant Break:  

1.  My internet has been fouling me up since last night.  I am so super-annoyed. I always end up with "page can't be found".  Globe Broadband by Innove, you suck (hmm, mentioning Globe Broadband may be the solution to my next rant!)
2. I added Adsense on this blog, wondering if I could ever get clicks or views since I don't want people seeing me on a different light, which means this blog would not be advertised, no shares, etc, and oh, yeah, I just included this blog on my "About Me" Google Plus Page. Like people would click and check this out naman.  So, anyway, why am I getting ads with pictures of young women with the imploring word "Meet Me" and a "Find a Foreign Husband" ad below the first post?  So, I am literally scattering Globe Broadband in this post as my keyword, with the fervent wish that Globe's ads would run instead of those ladies.  I can't even understand what context Google read my blog to be to include those ads, which I will leave them be, by the way.  Hirap atang maapruban ng Google ads (oops, and I am so trying hard to make this blog a purely-English posting zone heehee.)

Rant Break Over.

I practically missed my Christmas Mass.  See, I told the Papa Vince that we will go to mass early, but I bargained for another hour of sleep, making my target mass at 8AM, which I did, by the way.  I reached church in the middle of consecration though.  I.WAS.CONFUSED.  I checked on my cellphone's time (I have never worn a watch ever since I lost my watch at the veggie counter at SM Grocery)swearing it is impossible I am that late. 

Father, who was talking in clear English, by the way, unlike the other Indonesian Priest (when I was younger, we had Belgian priests. Now, we have Asian priests from Moslem countries) must have given a very long sermon.  That, or he sang his way throughout the whole mass (including the sermon) way slowly.  I was whispering to the Vince if this is a high mass or something which took hours, but the priest is not wearing a cap or something like Bishop Carlito Cenzon does (and Globelines, I tried researching the name of the cap, but I just ended up with "this page is unavailable."  I don't even know if I will be able to post this.My post's future is in your hands, Globe Broadband, good or bad hands, I do not know).

I figured out this must be the 7 AM mass, which I intended to attend, and I partly wished I should have gone earlier, because the priest gave wisecracks before ending the mass.  His sermon must have been a blast.  I am so in need of good sermons.  The Baguio priests just don't dish out sermons well, except those new priests from the San Pablo Seminary. I once attended a mass at Our Lady of Grace chapel, the chapel just across the street from our house, and Father recorded the sermon on TV (ABS-CBN) earlier then showed it to us.  Which is a good thing, because the recorded sermon was funny.  The priest had such a great sense of humor.

The mass ended at 8:30, by the way.  Had I not been with the Vince, I would have patiently waited for the next mass.  But I was with the Vince.  The guy who insists he comes shopping with me at SM then claiming that his tummy is aching and needs to go.  (Tip: Never go shopping with your husband or boyfriend. Ever.They are such "Un-Joys".  Unjoy was a word coined by Nicole when she was three.  "Papa is Un-Joy" when she meant "killjoy" haha.)

So, we ended up looking for a place to eat breakfast.  In Baguio, you can never get to eat at those Chinese places before nine.  And I don't even consider Chowking a Chinese restaurant (Have you noticed I don't like fastfood/).  Last stop, at a fastfood-Jollibee.

And oh, I had a feeling I won't be returning to church today...

But we (with the kids) did, but at Pink Sisters.  There was no mass though.  I missed going to Pink Sisters, by the way.  By next year, I would try to attend the Vespers twice a week at least.  It is my comfort place, I swear.

Adrian had a blast writing for his petitions.  They were not even petitions.  They were letters like "Dear Jesus, Happy Birthday! Love, Adrian" and "Dear Jesus, You are good and I love you so much. Love, Adrian"  I bet the nun who would be reading his letters would smile.  

We went to to John Hay Technohub later for Starbucks.  My kids claim Christmas is boring, but I was happy.  We are complete. We are happy.  We are in the best of health.


My New Home!

I have successfully migrated this Live Journal blog to blogger.  It is still a subdomain, of course, and I am thinking if I should get a custom domain for it and try to monetize it later, but I still have to seriously contemplate on that.

For one, this is supposed to be my secret rant diary, because my Project:Me, Only Better blog is supposed to be my positivity vibes blog and my Mommy Unwired is, of course, my mommy-matters  blog.  I need somewhere to vent up, with crazy things happening to me lately.  Part of me wants to keep this a secret, kasi nga I sooo want to stop making blind items na.  There are so many kontrabidas in my professional life.  Nature ko is not to talk at all, so all those hate (yes, I know it is a strong word.  Ma'am Ventura, my English teacher back in high school told us hate is such a strong, evil word it is not even the opposite of love) gets all bottled up.  I know I wrote a post about not spreading negativity in the blogosphere, and I swear, I believe I should not.  Kaya nga, dapat personal ito.  Kaya lang, sayang if pwede mamonetize hehe.  

Uyy, barely seven minutes to Pasko!Woohoo! Father said don't be cozy and nice nice.  There is no perfect Christmas daw. Not yet. Not now.  Stay there and make Christmas complete to other people.

One of the happiest times, but one of the painful ones for other people daw.  Ayun, quarelling.  Paging si Halle Berry.  That does not make better by not talking to her, but I will see.  Bahala na.  Sabi ni Father, me pag-asa daw.  

Gosh, si Father is so bonggadels.  Yung kumukut-kutitap daw is pag-asa.  He always talks sense, si Father Orbos.  

Okay, I have to stop typing cuz may senti moment.  I had to put my hand on my heart and feel God with me.  "Paano ang pasko na alay ko sa yo?"

So, anyway, Merry Christmas, and see you everyday, cute blog!


Simbang Gabi

Simbang gabi ulit! Cant fix the color waah


What's Up

I survived NaBloPoMo and I am joining again for December, using my brand new blog, Project Marie.  Sorry neglected na blog na ito, although I originally intended to write my thoughts here everyday.  So seriously contemplating on making this private actually para di na ako magbablind item. I want it to be somewhere I can vent and maglalabas ng inis at wagas na kaligayahan.

Lapit na christmas and haven't seriously decorated yet.  will attempt to do tomorrow.

Have to go at antok na po ako


NaBloPoMo Nakakapagod

Nakakapagod naman that NaBloPoMo.  It is making torture those little cells that I have left in my grey matter.  Hayyy...I have to think of a post for the day EVERY single DAY in November.  and prompts are so not working because the prompts are so deep, eh torture nga ang brain cells ko.  It needs a major overhaul. And super kapal ko to be posting them at the Nablopomo soup.  I read the other entries and mine are so thoughtless.  The other entries are obviously written by seasoned writers who are doing NaNoWriMo at the same time.

So, what's up with me? Not much.  Went back to doing my treadmill thing for 30 minutes lang (I cant believe I made it to one and one half hour last summer!Gained 2 kilos I lost doing my SBD, but I will start tomorrow.  Tiwala lang, Marie.  Tiwala.  Goal is to lose 2 to 3 kilos by the end of November.

My dad was napasubsob sa road yesterday.  Nabangga ng jeep, but he was not angry with the driver because it was his fault daw.  But.  I am worried again.  Ever since he had that catheter removed, his foul mood is back and it is scaring me.  I hope he will have it back.  His birthday is on Friday na!

OF.  Annoying.  So annoying with the two Queen Bees on my left and one male fly. Ha!  Karma where are you?

Finances, low, but happy. Stressed when I see the emotional vampires though.

We have a new car.  Manong Anton's CRV. Hayy, buti pa siya, nasa Canada na.  Sometimes, I feel bad kasi ano pa ginagawa ko here sa Pinas.  I see people more mediocre than I am making it big abroad.  So inggit, I admit.  Would I have something better ahead of me?  I am so vegetating and not learning anything.  I hope writing my thoughtless thoughts here in the blogosphere would bring out something positive.

Miss my mom big time.  And Nanang.

I like this journal.  It is more free flowing. I have plenty of ideas with nablopomo but I just cant get to write them. For one, I just learned you can get sued (but has anybody been sued kaya) for picking just any pix from google and putting it on your site.  Waah.  I plan kasi to put some beautiful spots here in Baguio kaya lang major tamad to get pixes.  Although I have great pics of the Baguio skies.  Kahit kuha  sa phone, they are super ganda.

Being online is consuming me.  Sana I get opportunities na,



November 1

Ok.  Tomorrow, I turn 44.  I hope this would be my lucky year, because B and I have been getting some bad luck lately...

Let me reserve my thank you posts tomorrow, pero advance po, Lord, make my coming year perfect.  I have so many wishes right now your head might reel from reading it (hilong hilo ka nga from listening to all those requests, sisingit pa ako).  Sana I am in your good graces. Di naman ako perfect, I admit.  I should be wishing world peace, but I am imagining shooting laser beams to the haters via my round mirror in the office.  I should be going to vespers daily, but I spend time in my netbook more.  I should be down on my knees praying to you, pero I read more books. Wagas lang na katamaran po alam ko, and I know I am soo tiny into these universal scheme to even be asking something from you.  But you know po my deepest wishes... Make them true po...


No voice na ata

I thought I was getting better, but I now have an ear ache and my voice is pang-kabaret na ang sound.  all the stress I went through ata is taking a toll on my body na.

And oh, just remembered.  Our tank ran out of water. If B doesnt move his d ass and order NOW, we will end up with
no shower tomorrow.  The worst part  is Adrian will also have to go to school early so I don't really need delays.  This has got to be fixed.

I am having rashes just thinking of stuff.  Sheesh



May Sakit Pa Rin!!!

I am barking like a seal!!! Days na, may ubo pa rin, and yung dry cough ha!!!Waaah hirap!!!Didn't do my laundry pa. My rant is that if I am sick, my girls won't move!  I think it was wrong of me to pamper them by believing that somebody would pick up on their mess because Tita Jho is there and Mama will do the laundry and Papa will drive them to school...

And I wallow in self-pity again as I wish for my mom to be here with me as I begin to understand how she made my life easier when she was alive. If I needed a massage, she would do it for me.  When she was gone, I was pretty much on my own.

Senti mode. La lang


Tamad, what's new

Sorry, Journal, neglected you yet again.  I must have not logged in for two weeks.  My dad had to be taken to the emergency room last October 9.  He had a foley catheter on him the previous day, Tuesday, since his creatinine is really really high.  He was okay, when he went home, although, you know my dad, he seems cool in the scariest circumstances.  I went out with Bino to pick Paula up and when we got back at around seven pm, blood was coming out of the catheter.  I was soo worried cause the blood looked fresh.  It literally looked like his urine turned into blood.  Yet, yung grumpy old man, cool pa rin.  Hayy, I had to text Dr. Pee and the good doctor was actually prescribing meds thru text (ambait, unlike other doctors).  He asked me to give him hemostan, but si grumpy, ayaw.

The next day, at around eleven am, I received a text from jo telling me that Bino took papa to the hospital.  Apparently, papa got scared of the blood and got worried that his blood would dry up ( I am thinking vampires turning into bits of paper under the sun ha!).

I followed them at the ER, only after getting Nicole's headphones (she had no school that day! I love it when the brain has such vivid memories of stuff, but forgets the really mundane things).  I was even texting Manong Anton about the delayed payment of the CRV (woohoo, new car)because Papa was in the hospital.  Papa was not given a private room at first, but at a windowless treatment room instead. We left him there because he insisted he does not like to have bantay.

Anyway, Kuya C found out, and I did not stop him from coming over. Para may magbantay, o di ba?

He got out of the hospital saturday, after a blood transfusion, since he lost some blood pala. Ang pale nya kaya. I was sooo worried that he is sinking into depression.

I still worry about him a lot, because he totally hates the catheter.  He wants it removed, and won't care about living anymore.  Sabi nga nya, he wants na to be with mama.  Ayoko naman kaya.  If that happens, I might break down.

I might look tough and resilient outside, but my inner body easily breaks down to stress.  My eye bled because of stress.  Sunday, I thought I had flu, and I do, now.  Kaya absent ulit sa work. Haist.

I hope papa will get better.  I dont want him sulking around...


So Tired...

I intended to post here everyday, but I slacked as usual. Well, told you.  If my life was a reality show, it would get cancelled on the first day!!!Which is okay by me, by the way.  I love my life this way.

I have written goals for the week around Monday, and I got one accomplished there.  First tick:  Monday Slackday.  I just lay down practically the whole day.  Did nothing and it was fun.

Tuesday.  Reported for work.  I have a mouthful to say about you know who, but later, with a longer post on that and maybe something on my blog.

Wednesday.  Stayed the whole day at work.  Spent time commenting on blogs.

Today.  got my google adsense approved on my blog!!! Yay!!!Sooo happy.  Now if I can only make more posts.  I have so many ideas, all to take fruition yet.

My goal was to earn around 900 at essays for this week.  Need to work on that.  I am always sleepy!

My dad is not feeling well for a week now.  Hope it is not his cancer...

It is Enrile's book launching.  I would love to get his book!

Will write more details soon.  Have to start my assignment yet!!!


Blessed Sunday!

I always start my Sunday with an early mass.  I never used to.  In fact, I have always found creative excuses to miss mass.  Now that I am older, I want peace and calm in my life, and the church gives me that.  I am not a fanatic.  I don't talk like one. But I want to put God first in my life..

Blessed Sunday everyone!


Saturday, ang bilis mo!

Weekends fly so fast.  Parang blur lang.  I practically did nothing.  Just did some shopping for my dad's undies (may specifics pa haha) and picked up some grocery, wrote an article for triond, republished at other sites, wrote another simple blog post tapos gabi na!dapat 48 hours ang sabado!!!


Adrian Survives the Dentist

Today, even if I am having a hellish headache, is Adrian's Doctor Day.

Yup, I made that up.  But what did I tell you?  I so care about my kid's health.

At 2pm, Adrian had his flu vaccine (and man, he never cries!) and later, have his teeth checked with the dentist.

Earlier this year, I had the biggest "inis" mode when I took Adrian to the dentist.  It was his third visit and definitely not the firs t time his tooth is going to be extracted, but he did have his famous Adrianisms at work that time.  Dig this, " Oh, I need to go to the bathroom." That would be perfectly okay if he went once.  He went to the bathroom five times.  I have to pay five pesos for each, too.  Then, he got really freaked out when his gum went numb.  He was crying.  Very very scared.  He thought his mouth was stuck!" Mama, my mouth is stuck.  I don't want to stay like this forever!"And he was crying really loud too and with that bleeding mouth, I was scared people would think I punched him or something.  He calmed down later though, when he was with his dad at SM.

So, anyway, this dentist visit made me nervous.  But see, my Adrian is a very smart boy.  I told him he needed to go to the dentist.  And he was like, "okay, i am brave, but can I get a Wii game later?" Hokey, anytime, as long as you don't cry with bloody spit coming out of your mouth.

And he did well!The nice dentist had to remove a molar.  See, his teeth is crowding and the dentist needed to do summary extraction.  Never had this problem with his sisters.  They barely went to the dentist!

And that new Wii game made him forget he doesn't have that tooth anymore.

Freaky Friday!Not!

Regular Friday.  I went to Pink Sisters and made it to the morning worships.  Later, I went home.

I know. This is BORING.

But, I love boring.

I like the way everything moves so slow.

I love being on leave...

If I had the means, I would love to work at home.

Not to say I don't do much at home, though.

I do.

I write.

I blog.

And I love staying at home.


Should I extend my leave?


On Leave and Loving It

I have been on leave since Friday last week.  No, I am not playing hooky.  Far from it.  On that Friday morning, I woke up with my red eye practically covered in fresh blood.  I looked like a vampire (Yup, ageless, I know lol).  Anyway, like a normal Mommy Marie moment, going to the eye doctor was not my immediate preoccupation.  I decided to just leave it as it is (bad, I know), and do some self-medication (totally bad, and I also know).

For a little backgrounder, my eyes have always been one of the weakest parts of my body.  Just over a year ago, I had viral conjunctivitis, which is a lot worse than the normal bacterial conjunctivitis and was on leave for about three weeks (my eyes bled, so I am really not new to this bleeding thing. And before that, I kept getting bruises on my eye.  These tiny bruises are burst eye vessels, with a red bleeding spot.  Which should really scare me, right?

I was, but my eye doctor did say this happens all the time.  So, for my self-medication, I bought hemostan, which I used a year ago, to stop the bleeding.  I only used one pill, though.

The bad part about getting a bloodshot eye is that people will literally shun you.  I was doing some grocery at Sunshine on Sunday morning and this lady whom I passed while pushing her cart made a rude comment about how scary I am because of that blood in my eye.

My vision was still perfectly normal and I still did not intend to go to my eye doctor.  However, on Tuesday, Nicole woke up with a swollen eye.  She has a sty.  When it comes to my kids, it is a different matter.  I would go to the ends of the earth just to make them happy and comfortable (Gusto ko Happy Sila).  So, I have to bring her to the eye doctor upon which I will also have my eye checked.  Finally.

The diagnosis was that I had a burst varicose vein.  I was like, I thought only the legs get varicose veins!  Apparently, my contact lens bumped this vein, making it burst and spurt with blood. Scary, I know.

It was a good thing, though, that I finally went to my doctor.  I was probably torturing myself for days thinking I must have high blood pressure or something more terrible for my eye to burst this way.  And the bonus, I was able to stay home.

I absolutely enjoyed staying home. I was able to do some writing.  Oops, nope, I just started yesterday because it was a Forced Assignment and I just finished today.  I was able to read.  I was able to help Adrian with his homework.

I absolutely long for the day when our finances would allow me to stay at home.  Have I ever told you my dream is just to be a stay at home mom?

Oh, and by the way, my mood is "accomplished", because I just finished a very difficult FA set which took me over 30 hours to write (Just around ten, actually.  The other hours were spent sleeping and slacking off).  Now, I am a very knowledgeable person when it comes to power washers hehe. (Essays.ph does give the strangest keywords.  I had to google for Husky power washer parts for hours, aside from the time I spent on how to fit the right keyword. I do love doing this though)


Be Not Afraid

By the way, my custom domain is now live!!! Mommy Unwired is finally on, after a week of posting at a thread in Google.  Obviously, something went wrong with Google's DNS settings and they didn't have the decency to inform poor bloggers like us (You cannot get live support if you don't get google aps for business, wherein you have to pay monthly).  After several days of being silent and claiming that all blogs that have been mistakenly reported as spam in a report before that, they finally admitted something went wrong, and that you have to map your custom domain on your own. I am not tech savvy, in fact, months earlier, I didn't know about custom domains and SEO and stuff, so I was very frustrated that Google will not automatically redirect, as they promised, within 24 hours.

Thankfully, I saw a blog post on how to redirect manually, and so I am back, live! woohoo!

And back to regular programming...

I have been on leave from work since Friday.  A blood vessel burst in my right eye.  It was practically bleeding.  Being the normal mom who is scared to know the state of her health, I put off a visit to the doctor.  More about that later.

Anyway, I am a very troubled person.  Somebody said I worry too much, and I do.  A lot.  And I hate that.  To calm myself, I go to Pink Sisters.  I have been going there a lot, attending the vespers, sometimes praying the rosary, but most of the time, I just sit there, and let the cloud of quiet calm me down.

And you know what, no matter how troubled my heart and my mind seem to be, I received God's answer.  Not directly of course.  I started to read about Pope John Paul II, and on Day One of my novena to him, he told me:
Be Not Afraid!
"Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not let them be afraid " (Jn 14:27)


As you know

As you know (I mean, "As I Know", since I don't think anybody, except me, reads this journal), I have this other blog with blogger: thelumpyspaceprincess.blogspot.com.  It was named that way because I didn't mean it to be my serious blog, but it evolved into a mommy blog, and I got more than 2,000 page views in a month.  Not bad for a new blogger.  So, thinking that it was time for me to get serious, I purchased a custom domain last Sunday, and got mommyunwired.com.

And so starts my misery.  Google, who owns blogger, failed to inform people who purchased custom domain that day that they were having serious issues.  So,I ended up with a non-existent blog, with a blogspot url that redirects to Error 404, wit zero page views, for five days already!

Deym, kainis.  I hope this would be fixed soon, or I can think of a thousand creative ways to talk French!



Ang Friday ko, bow

MandyOffice Rant:

Does it bother you when a co-worker starts to follow you up on some unfinished business outside the office? I know, right? (hey, do i say this alot???) Totally annoying.  You are in the middle of the mall deciding if you should get that red jacket and if it would fit you and if it would look nice on you, and this person you work with, who thinks she is higher than you or something, but has the same rank as you have, would quietly go beside you and would say, in a voice audible to your friend slash co-worker shopping beside you, that your report is due the next day or week or whatever!  Come on, girl,  do I look like I am working here???I am shopping, like you are, ok???

This happened to me a lot of times, maybe because I do field work, which means they barely see me in the office, but hey, there should be clear cut rules on how to follow up pending reports, like calling, maybe, at official hours, for goodness' sake???

The reason why I am ranting about this is I just became a witness to this in a public vehicle with hub hours ago.  Everybody was tired from the hike (hey, who ever  thought of planting trees in a mountain watershed in the middle of the rainy season???), with rubber shoes and denims full of mud, when this girl, who happens to have an office at a higher floor which made her think that people on the ground floor are lower than her, duh, followed up Hub who was seated beside me, on a report.  I mean, hey, you can ask some other time, girl.  Not on a public vehicle stuffed with muddy people.

More Office Rant:

Treeplanting at Busol Watershed is a noble idea.  You gather all the government employees of the entire City of Baguio, assign them a piece of land in a designated Cordillera Mountain, and let them plant ten seedlings each.  That would be very good PR to a city who recently was a witness to a corporation who promised to plant a thousand seedlings in exchange for the trees they would cut in the center of the city to give way to a parking lot.  I am also very open, totally warm and fuzzy over the idea, because I, myself, am totally in love with plants and trees and anything green (In fact, when I was a kid, I would plant grass all over our walkway). I even intended to smuggle a couple of tree seedlings and plant them in my backyard.

Yup, that was the plan.  Go there at Busol watershed, take beautiful pictures for Redgage (except that I lost my stupid memory card), and love, love nature.  Reality check!!! The DENR obviously loves our collecting agency so much, that they designated our tree-planting area in the middle of nowhere, which made us trek through zigzaggy muddy foot paths, climb slippery stones with no plant to hold on to, except over-grown grass.  The trek was like around a half-hour, obviously, it seemed longer to an old fogey like me (never mind that I am a self-proclaimed treadmill fiend, doing about four to six kilometers a day).  A great way to enjoy nature, really (not!).

I guess I have to give up my dream of keeping in touch with nature.  I am meant to just look from afar where there is solid, unmuddy ground and observe people getting their nails dirty planting ipil ipil trees.

Besides, who ever thought of planting trees in the middle of the rainy season anyway???


Clueless in this blogoshpere

I have used the internet in the recent years for the basic stuff.  Facebook, e-mail, the occasional research (all job or personality improvement related), a way to touch base with friends.  Sometimes, I check out The Female Network's Girl Talk to catch up on what's new on make up, hair, home improvement, usual celebrity chika (I tend to hang out there a lot).  Oh, when I say I check out Girl    Talk, it is not that often.  I do it in between my demanding job as an examiner, which means that even if I do have field work, audit work would be very time consuming that I would need to work at nights and weekends.

Fast forward to November 15, 2011.  The Code provides that I need to be transferred if I stayed three years in the same district.  I have been in the Baguio District for years and I wouldn't have the heart to leave my family and be transferred to a far-away district.  Solution:  settle with office work and do review work.  Okay.  That would be easy. And. it. was. easy.  Way. too. easy.  I have days trapped in terrible ennui.  I wondered which was easier.  Doing nothing or doing a lot.  Work, the really heavy stuff, came far and in between.  I was finally able to discover running.  Oh, okay.  That was what I only did. Run.

Fast forward again to March.  Finances were not that good compared to when I was busy.  Opportunities to earn extra are not generally popping up.  I turned to Girl Talk and read up on Feng Shui.  I made little changes which, miraculously, helped.

Then came May.  I was antsy.  I wanted to write.  I have always wanted to write.  I became an accountant only because I thought I would have a fair chance at job applications. Besides, I always took up something that is the complete opposite of who and what I am.  Obviously, I hate Math.  I so detest Math.  You can actually ask my Trig teacher (she now owns the school my two girls went and where my son is going).

I signed up, but still did not write.  I wanted to do something easy.  Something that would not tax my just-recovered grey matter (working as an examiner was torture, I swear).  I signed up with Scribie.  It offers transcription service that would pay you one dollar for a six-minute transcription.  It was easy. As long as you pass up transcriptions with speakers having unusually heavy accents and transcriptions recorded like they were being chased by dogs.  I recently got promoted as Reviewer.

Later, I discovered Just Been Paid (a little of that later), myLot and Triond.

Obviously, the world wide web which started out by scientists at CERN (will research on that. It was mentioned in detail in a Dan Brown book.  I would like to think that if ever one opens Dan Brown's head, trivia will go pouring out)has become so big and its power, limitless.  I would like to find myself one day totally in sync with it.


Discovering myLot

MyLot is the brainchild of a company called Waseringtech and opened its door in April 2006. The name 'MyLot' was originally used for a site which dealt with garden equipment (a 'lot' means a piece of ground and is sometimes used to refer to the ground around one's house, a backyard or a garden). The word 'lot' can also refer to a group of friends or a community one belongs to, so it is quite appropriate for a site like this with a community 'feel' to it where one can meet and discuss almost anything. 

One very unique thing about the site is that it pays members to participate and that the payments are not based on how many posts you make but on the quality of your participation.

A lot of people value the site as a place to meet and interact with friends, to learn all sorts or things and to generally have fun. The earnings become more of a 'bonus' than anything else, though, of course, it's always rather nice when you reach $10 or more by the end of any month and know that you are due to see that in your PayPal account in 15 days time! 


I had a blog!

Dang, it has been sometime.  All this time, I have been badgering my very talented daughter Nicole (Nicole!I hope you're reading this, girl!)to create a blog for me.  Ha! I am truly having a senior moment.  I got a message from my SPAM (I still read that, you know) that this account exists.  Oh, ok.  So, you were intended to be a log for my weight loss?

Ok.Let's get to that.  Weight loss.  My daughter Venessa Paula's weight is inversely proportional to mine, meaning, as her weight kept going down for the last couple of months, mine was steady.  Despite the treadmill. Despite promising not to eat a lot.  Despite keeping up long hours to read and transcribe and do some online trading.

And this time, I won't give promises.  Jillian did work for me. Running gave me stronger thighs (they are still big though).  The treadmill made my exercise easier.  But hey, I won't be too hard on myself anymore...