On Leave and Loving It


I have been on leave since Friday last week.  No, I am not playing hooky.  Far from it.  On that Friday morning, I woke up with my red eye practically covered in fresh blood.  I looked like a vampire (Yup, ageless, I know lol).  Anyway, like a normal Mommy Marie moment, going to the eye doctor was not my immediate preoccupation.  I decided to just leave it as it is (bad, I know), and do some self-medication (totally bad, and I also know).

For a little backgrounder, my eyes have always been one of the weakest parts of my body.  Just over a year ago, I had viral conjunctivitis, which is a lot worse than the normal bacterial conjunctivitis and was on leave for about three weeks (my eyes bled, so I am really not new to this bleeding thing. And before that, I kept getting bruises on my eye.  These tiny bruises are burst eye vessels, with a red bleeding spot.  Which should really scare me, right?

I was, but my eye doctor did say this happens all the time.  So, for my self-medication, I bought hemostan, which I used a year ago, to stop the bleeding.  I only used one pill, though.

The bad part about getting a bloodshot eye is that people will literally shun you.  I was doing some grocery at Sunshine on Sunday morning and this lady whom I passed while pushing her cart made a rude comment about how scary I am because of that blood in my eye.

My vision was still perfectly normal and I still did not intend to go to my eye doctor.  However, on Tuesday, Nicole woke up with a swollen eye.  She has a sty.  When it comes to my kids, it is a different matter.  I would go to the ends of the earth just to make them happy and comfortable (Gusto ko Happy Sila).  So, I have to bring her to the eye doctor upon which I will also have my eye checked.  Finally.

The diagnosis was that I had a burst varicose vein.  I was like, I thought only the legs get varicose veins!  Apparently, my contact lens bumped this vein, making it burst and spurt with blood. Scary, I know.

It was a good thing, though, that I finally went to my doctor.  I was probably torturing myself for days thinking I must have high blood pressure or something more terrible for my eye to burst this way.  And the bonus, I was able to stay home.

I absolutely enjoyed staying home. I was able to do some writing.  Oops, nope, I just started yesterday because it was a Forced Assignment and I just finished today.  I was able to read.  I was able to help Adrian with his homework.

I absolutely long for the day when our finances would allow me to stay at home.  Have I ever told you my dream is just to be a stay at home mom?

Oh, and by the way, my mood is "accomplished", because I just finished a very difficult FA set which took me over 30 hours to write (Just around ten, actually.  The other hours were spent sleeping and slacking off).  Now, I am a very knowledgeable person when it comes to power washers hehe. (Essays.ph does give the strangest keywords.  I had to google for Husky power washer parts for hours, aside from the time I spent on how to fit the right keyword. I do love doing this though)