Clueless in this blogoshpere


I have used the internet in the recent years for the basic stuff.  Facebook, e-mail, the occasional research (all job or personality improvement related), a way to touch base with friends.  Sometimes, I check out The Female Network's Girl Talk to catch up on what's new on make up, hair, home improvement, usual celebrity chika (I tend to hang out there a lot).  Oh, when I say I check out Girl    Talk, it is not that often.  I do it in between my demanding job as an examiner, which means that even if I do have field work, audit work would be very time consuming that I would need to work at nights and weekends.

Fast forward to November 15, 2011.  The Code provides that I need to be transferred if I stayed three years in the same district.  I have been in the Baguio District for years and I wouldn't have the heart to leave my family and be transferred to a far-away district.  Solution:  settle with office work and do review work.  Okay.  That would be easy. And. it. was. easy.  Way. too. easy.  I have days trapped in terrible ennui.  I wondered which was easier.  Doing nothing or doing a lot.  Work, the really heavy stuff, came far and in between.  I was finally able to discover running.  Oh, okay.  That was what I only did. Run.

Fast forward again to March.  Finances were not that good compared to when I was busy.  Opportunities to earn extra are not generally popping up.  I turned to Girl Talk and read up on Feng Shui.  I made little changes which, miraculously, helped.

Then came May.  I was antsy.  I wanted to write.  I have always wanted to write.  I became an accountant only because I thought I would have a fair chance at job applications. Besides, I always took up something that is the complete opposite of who and what I am.  Obviously, I hate Math.  I so detest Math.  You can actually ask my Trig teacher (she now owns the school my two girls went and where my son is going).

I signed up, but still did not write.  I wanted to do something easy.  Something that would not tax my just-recovered grey matter (working as an examiner was torture, I swear).  I signed up with Scribie.  It offers transcription service that would pay you one dollar for a six-minute transcription.  It was easy. As long as you pass up transcriptions with speakers having unusually heavy accents and transcriptions recorded like they were being chased by dogs.  I recently got promoted as Reviewer.

Later, I discovered Just Been Paid (a little of that later), myLot and Triond.

Obviously, the world wide web which started out by scientists at CERN (will research on that. It was mentioned in detail in a Dan Brown book.  I would like to think that if ever one opens Dan Brown's head, trivia will go pouring out)has become so big and its power, limitless.  I would like to find myself one day totally in sync with it.