So Tired...


I intended to post here everyday, but I slacked as usual. Well, told you.  If my life was a reality show, it would get cancelled on the first day!!!Which is okay by me, by the way.  I love my life this way.

I have written goals for the week around Monday, and I got one accomplished there.  First tick:  Monday Slackday.  I just lay down practically the whole day.  Did nothing and it was fun.

Tuesday.  Reported for work.  I have a mouthful to say about you know who, but later, with a longer post on that and maybe something on my blog.

Wednesday.  Stayed the whole day at work.  Spent time commenting on blogs.

Today.  got my google adsense approved on my blog!!! Yay!!!Sooo happy.  Now if I can only make more posts.  I have so many ideas, all to take fruition yet.

My goal was to earn around 900 at essays for this week.  Need to work on that.  I am always sleepy!

My dad is not feeling well for a week now.  Hope it is not his cancer...

It is Enrile's book launching.  I would love to get his book!

Will write more details soon.  Have to start my assignment yet!!!