How to Make Homemade Oven Cleaner

Practically all commercially made cleaners contain toxic, hazardous chemicals that can lead to respiratory issues, skin problems and can pollute the air you breathe in your home.  A natural disinfectant cleaner made from cheap and common household ingredients will let you clean your house and reduce your family’s exposure to harsh chemicals while you do it.



What You Will Need:

  • Clean sponge and spatula
  • 3/4 cups baking soda
  • 1/4 cup salt
  • 1/4 cup water (extra for moistening surfaces)


Moisten all of the oven surfaces with sponge and some water.  Using the baking soda, salt and 1/4 cup of water, make a thick paste and spread throughout the oven’s interior, avoiding bare metal and any openings.  Let it sit overnight.  Remove any remaining residue with a spatula and wipe the surface clean.  Gently rub stubborn areas with fine steel wool.My Life's Anik Aniks


How To Clean Your Mirror Without the Nasty Chemicals

How would you like to stand in front of a mirror and see yourself in all you glory?  Imagine looking at a mirror that looks like it was just delivered to you straight from the factory – shiny, streak free and perfect. 


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Here is how to clean your mirror without the nasty chemicals.

What you will need:

  • Newspaper (lots, if you have a lot of glass surfaces to clean
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1/4 cup white vinegar
  • 2 cups warm distilled water
  • clean spray bottle


Make sure your spray bottle is clean and dry.  Mix everything (except the newspaper, of course Winking smile) in the spray bottle and shake thoroughly to fully dissolve the cornstarch, as this may clog the nozzle if not mixed properly.  Make sure you shake thoroughly before each use and simply spray on glass surface before wiping them dry with the newspaper.

There you have it.  Your very own non toxic glass cleaner! My Life's Anik-Aniks


Feng Shui Tweaks For Small Homes

Compact living is now becoming a part of the rapidly urbanizing metropolitan lifestyle.  Minimalism has even become the preference of many a small space dweller, whether in a studio condo unit or modern single detached starter homes.  And even here, proper feng shui is essential.  Thus, necessity leads to the reinvention of tweaks to manage chi or life energies.

Feng shui tweaks mainly come in the form of the spatial compass layouting of the main door of the house unit and the master bedroom, kitchen and ultimately, the master’s bed.  These are complemented by feng shui enhancement of symbolic lucky charms or symbolisms both in art and furniture accessories.


How to Clean Your Home The Old-Fashioned Way

There is a way to make your home sparkle like how our grandmas made our home sparkle when we were kids, by using five simple ingredients.


No kidding.  Five Ingredients.

Here they are.

(Knowledge of these five ingredients thanks to Michael De Jong in his book Clean: The Humble Art of Zen Cleansing)

#1:Baking Soda


How To Match Your Décor With Your Personality

Our personality should transcend to our decor choices.

Here are some tips on how to match your decor with your personality.


Style #1: Contemporary Chic


Big Ideas for Compact Gardens

A small garden is trickier to design.  One needs to be more creative and selective of the features that will go into the limited space while considering the aesthetics and function one wants. 

Big Ideas for Compact Gardens

Here are a few points to consider:


How To Enhance Your Space With Wood Flooring

Wood flooring is unparalleled for its timeless quality.  It affords any space with warmth, coziness and a sense of sophistication.  A wide variety of patterns and designs can also be achieved with this flooring material through the many different species of wood and cuts available.  Above all these, wood flooring will never go out of style.

Since natural wood flooring is hard to obtain nowadays as certain wood species are endangered, modern alternatives have been produced to simulate its beauty.  Materials such as vinyl and ceramic have been utilized to create the wood flooring look.  There is also the engineered or laminated wood, which is processed for better wear protection.  These different materials come with their own advantages and disadvantages, so before finalizing your flooring, read on and find out what material is best for your lifestyle and budget.

Solid wood



How To Clean Electronic Appliances The Right Way

We are surrounded by different gadgets and appliances designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.  Most of us can’t imagine life without these things, so it makes sense to take care of them to make them last longer and work better.

Here are some tops on cleaning TVs, computers and other electronic appliances in your home:

How to Clean Televisions and DVD Players



10 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces

Small spaces need not be a curse if you know what to do.  Choose bright colors and play with lighting to extend your space, make use of multipurpose furniture, and find creative ways to deal with your clutter.

Here are 10 Ways to Maximize Small Spaces:


  1. Make use of spaces above and below areas occupied by furniture, appliances and stairways.   Utilize under-the-bed storage and overhead shelves and cabinets.  Wall mount appliances such as TV and DVD players in order to free up floor space.  Spaces under the stairways can be used as foyer, telephone nook or shoe/coat/umbrella storage.
  2. Think multi-purpose rooms, where daytime and nighttime uses are combined.  Japanese tatami rooms are used as living, dining and bedroom.  Analyze your lifestyle.  A living room can also become a home office, home theater, reading room, family room or music room all rolled into one.
  3. Have an open plan, which makes small areas look more spacious by reducing visual and physical barriers.  Lay out in such a way that the living and dining room flow naturally to the garden, thereby visually “borrowing” exterior space and increasing the sense of spaciousness.  Using skylight and glass partitions can also extend living space.
  4. Play with color and light.  An effective combination of color and light can create an illusion of bigger space.  Maximize sunlight.  In cases where it is limited, use different types of illumination that go well with your color scheme.  You are not anymore limited to light colors.  Depth and contrast can create more interesting spaces.
  5. Expand living spaces.  New sofa can double as lounge chairs or reading chairs.  Ottomans can be used not only as extra seats,but also as footrests, center tables and additional storage spaces.
  6. Optimize kitchen spaces.  Modern kitchen cabinet designs have become very specialized with the use of wire baskets for different kinds of utensils.  Hang special condiment racks, napkin holders, and cooking utensil hooks on walls.  Use a hanging appliance garage for microwave ovens and toasters to free up kitchen counter space.  Place corner baskets where needed.  Pantry-organizers can double your cabinet space.
  7. Design small bathroom spaces efficiently.  Wash basins with built-in vanity cabinets that provide additional storage spaces are now available.  Use shower glass enclosures to open up an otherwise tight space.  An etagere is a kind of shelf unit that can be placed on top of a water closet that further adds storage space.
  8. Maximize wardrobe spaces.  Sliding doors can save more circulation space than regular swing out closet doors.  Full-length mirrors can be integrated on the doors to make the room look bigger, and at the same time can be used for dressing up.  Use drawers and shelves with dividers to organize socks, underwear, ties, etc. , as well as inexpensive hanging organizers where you can put towels and shirts in an orderly manner.
  9. Use day beds and sofa beds.  A sofa by day and bed by night used to be hard to find, but are now very popular.  This makes it possible to make the bedroom double up as a home office or study room.
  10. Choose right-sized furniture.  Avoid bulky furniture that is designed for grand spaces.  Use correct furniture proportion in a  more intimate scale.  Make sure you measure carefully.  Using masking tape to outline the spaces to be occupied by the furniture is a good way to visualize and stimulate how all the furniture pieces will interact with each other.


How to Pick Out the Best Cooktop

Apart from the oven, the cooktop is one appliance that does a lot of work in the kitchen.  Your main cooktop doesn’t have to be just for display while the one in the dirty kitchen does all the work.  Cooktop technology has advanced to produce easy to clean, reliable and aesthetically pleasing products.





{Internet Safety}Is Your Child Safe at Home?


Our kids know the drill.  It is that same drill our parents constantly hammered in our heads when we were our kids’ age – “Never talk to strangers.  Never let any stranger go inside your house.”

But what if a stranger has been constantly entering your home?

Without you knowing it?




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Have you tried wearing a wig yet?

Women’s wigs have come a long way and have become one of most women’s secret fashion accessory. Be they quality wigs for women or synthetic wigs, the modern woman has embraced the wig as a very important weapon to complete their look.

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