Give Your Kids A Reason to Rhyme

Poetry may give you flashbacks to high school English, but it makes language exciting for kids.  It is imaginative and kids love rhyming.  They gravitate toward it.  You can make a poet out of your child.  Truly.  Here’s how.


Pick poems kids can appreciate.

Your child will get the most out of a poem that’s right for her age.  Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein are great for young kids because of their wacky rhymes! They can also make songs out of their poems.  You can buy them a musical instrument of their choice at the lowest price and watch them transform their poem into a musical masterpiece.

Notice the sounds.

Kids love rhythm, so show your child if there is a lot of repetition of one letter, or if the poem rhymes.

Talk about the ideas.

Ask “What are you picturing in your mind?” or “Does anything not make sense?” to help your child explore the poem’s meaning.

Leave it open to interpretation.

A poem is not a test or puzzle.  It means whatever the listener thinks it means.  So ask what your child thinks and offer your own ideas.