5 Ways to Make Every Day Rock!

1.  Do at least one thing every day that makes your heart sing!


2. If you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, don’t just whistle, but sing or even dance while you work (this is how I get through a sinkful of dishes.


3. Set your alarm to play a get-up-and-go or you-can-do-it song for blah tasks that you have to do, like wake up early (I’m so not a cheery morning person.

4. Share a song!  When I hear a tune that reminds me of a pal or what she is going through, I send her the mp3 or text her and tell her I am thinking about her.  It makes my day better knowing I’ve made hers!


5. Sing in the shower – or any place you can be completely yourself.  It does your soul good to be silly, off-key and totally pressure-and judgment free! It is perfect if it can be rme enhanced, too…



3 Steps to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

One of the easiest ways to cut the cost of living in your home is through a few efficient home renovations. There are a number of 'green' renovations designed to make a home more energy efficient, which does more than save the homeowner money; it also reduces their carbon footprint, reducing the effect they have on the environment.

The first step to determining what needs to be renovated is to perform an energy audit. Determine where the major leaks of energy in your home are and what can be done to improve them, and then make the proper renovations.


Sealing Leaks


6 Easy Steps To Finally Finish Your School Project

I know you would love to have your finger wear one of those Joy Jewelers college rings

But wait, before you do, you literally have to sweat blood and tears to hurdle the challenges before you graduate, like the project that you were assigned to do a month ago.

If you have no clue on how to make your school project, here are some tips:

6 Steps to finish-school-project