Adrian Survives the Dentist


Today, even if I am having a hellish headache, is Adrian's Doctor Day.

Yup, I made that up.  But what did I tell you?  I so care about my kid's health.

At 2pm, Adrian had his flu vaccine (and man, he never cries!) and later, have his teeth checked with the dentist.

Earlier this year, I had the biggest "inis" mode when I took Adrian to the dentist.  It was his third visit and definitely not the firs t time his tooth is going to be extracted, but he did have his famous Adrianisms at work that time.  Dig this, " Oh, I need to go to the bathroom." That would be perfectly okay if he went once.  He went to the bathroom five times.  I have to pay five pesos for each, too.  Then, he got really freaked out when his gum went numb.  He was crying.  Very very scared.  He thought his mouth was stuck!" Mama, my mouth is stuck.  I don't want to stay like this forever!"And he was crying really loud too and with that bleeding mouth, I was scared people would think I punched him or something.  He calmed down later though, when he was with his dad at SM.

So, anyway, this dentist visit made me nervous.  But see, my Adrian is a very smart boy.  I told him he needed to go to the dentist.  And he was like, "okay, i am brave, but can I get a Wii game later?" Hokey, anytime, as long as you don't cry with bloody spit coming out of your mouth.

And he did well!The nice dentist had to remove a molar.  See, his teeth is crowding and the dentist needed to do summary extraction.  Never had this problem with his sisters.  They barely went to the dentist!

And that new Wii game made him forget he doesn't have that tooth anymore.