Tuesday Thoughts

Adrian will be MOVING UP to Grade 3 on Thursday!  Woohoo!  He has been spending half-days in school practicing for his class' Moving Up.  At his school, every Moving Up is a major musical production.  Last year, the entire school did a grand production of The Emperor's New Clothes, as the teachers (literally the play's directors) cleverly showcased and integrated every class in the entire production.  Everyone was given a chance to shine as they sang and danced to the beat from the dbx amp.

I wonder what the presentation will be on Thursday?  Adrian said it is  a surprise.


John Lloyd's Version 2.0 and hoping for my new version soon

 If John Lloyd will look smashing eating Century Tuna, I swear I will be eating this every single day!

I have sort of changed my workout routine, just because I missed running so much na.

So I had to say goodbye to Jillian (although I am planning to still do her Yoga Meltdown, just because I got hooked.), and do some running (err, more like walking?) on the treadmill for 4K at least five times a week.  I  started last March, and I still have no transformation to show, except very achy legs. I know I have a lot to change in my diet.  You should see my Kindle - it has so many diet books on it.  South Beach Diet, 17 Day Diet, Jillian's books (there are two and I can't remember the titles right now. Which means I have not read them yet hehe), One Day Diet of Jen Jolan, the latest one I have is on Paleo.

I am hoping I can make headway soon.

Self-Esteem and You

I always talk about confidence all the time, especially to my kids.  My son's School Head told me he has loads of confidence, which makes him better equipped to face challenges in the future.

Some people say expensive clothes make them feel confident.  Some gals need little pampering and pedicure so they can walk tall and proud.  Others get a confidence boost whenever they do well in an exam or their photos using cellular cameras for trails win in the photo contest.  That's cool and you should feel totally good about yourself for all the ways you are becoming a better person every day.

But self-esteem doesn't need to be dressed up or prettied up.  It doesn't depend on your mood or the sitiuation.  It is about loving yourself first in the morning before you've brushed your teeth or wiped the gunk from your eyes, not because of what you can put on, achieve or work hard for during the day but because of who you are - plain and simple And I don't mean because you've got great hair or you are a great dancer or any of the other bit and pieces about you that make you a great person or a good dresser or a wonderful friend or daughter, but just because you are an amazing creation no matter what  - all your flaws and fabulousness combined.


Will The Philippines Have a Lemon Law?

Are you one of those unlucky ones who bought a new or used car that turned out to be defective?

The Philippines have no laws protecting a consumer from buying vehicles that turn out to be “lemons” although House Bill 3199  has been filed by a congressman.

First of all, what are “lemons” and what are Lemon Laws?

“Lemons”  are automobiles, trucks or any vehicle that are substandard or are defective.  The Lemon Laws  of the United States  are state laws crafted to provide a remedy for a consumer that has unknowingly purchased a product that does not meet the standards  of quality and performance.  

The NYS Lemon Law:


This would be a welcome bill for a lot of vehicle buyers in the country who unknowingly purchase “lemon” vehicles.   With the passage and approval of this bill,  consumers will finally not bear the burden of coughing out additional expense to have the “lemon” repaired.  


Moving Up March

Adrian has Saturday class today. He came home telling me that they did nothing, except practice for his Moving Up Day. I didn’t even realize that we are now on the first day of March! My little boy – now young man – will be moving up to Grade 3! He told me their class will be singing a song. I wonder if he will need a willis music choral singer folder ? No matter, I bet he will do his best!

The Vince and the Young Man