NaBloPoMo Nakakapagod

Nakakapagod naman that NaBloPoMo.  It is making torture those little cells that I have left in my grey matter.  Hayyy...I have to think of a post for the day EVERY single DAY in November.  and prompts are so not working because the prompts are so deep, eh torture nga ang brain cells ko.  It needs a major overhaul. And super kapal ko to be posting them at the Nablopomo soup.  I read the other entries and mine are so thoughtless.  The other entries are obviously written by seasoned writers who are doing NaNoWriMo at the same time.

So, what's up with me? Not much.  Went back to doing my treadmill thing for 30 minutes lang (I cant believe I made it to one and one half hour last summer!Gained 2 kilos I lost doing my SBD, but I will start tomorrow.  Tiwala lang, Marie.  Tiwala.  Goal is to lose 2 to 3 kilos by the end of November.

My dad was napasubsob sa road yesterday.  Nabangga ng jeep, but he was not angry with the driver because it was his fault daw.  But.  I am worried again.  Ever since he had that catheter removed, his foul mood is back and it is scaring me.  I hope he will have it back.  His birthday is on Friday na!

OF.  Annoying.  So annoying with the two Queen Bees on my left and one male fly. Ha!  Karma where are you?

Finances, low, but happy. Stressed when I see the emotional vampires though.

We have a new car.  Manong Anton's CRV. Hayy, buti pa siya, nasa Canada na.  Sometimes, I feel bad kasi ano pa ginagawa ko here sa Pinas.  I see people more mediocre than I am making it big abroad.  So inggit, I admit.  Would I have something better ahead of me?  I am so vegetating and not learning anything.  I hope writing my thoughtless thoughts here in the blogosphere would bring out something positive.

Miss my mom big time.  And Nanang.

I like this journal.  It is more free flowing. I have plenty of ideas with nablopomo but I just cant get to write them. For one, I just learned you can get sued (but has anybody been sued kaya) for picking just any pix from google and putting it on your site.  Waah.  I plan kasi to put some beautiful spots here in Baguio kaya lang major tamad to get pixes.  Although I have great pics of the Baguio skies.  Kahit kuha  sa phone, they are super ganda.

Being online is consuming me.  Sana I get opportunities na,



November 1

Ok.  Tomorrow, I turn 44.  I hope this would be my lucky year, because B and I have been getting some bad luck lately...

Let me reserve my thank you posts tomorrow, pero advance po, Lord, make my coming year perfect.  I have so many wishes right now your head might reel from reading it (hilong hilo ka nga from listening to all those requests, sisingit pa ako).  Sana I am in your good graces. Di naman ako perfect, I admit.  I should be wishing world peace, but I am imagining shooting laser beams to the haters via my round mirror in the office.  I should be going to vespers daily, but I spend time in my netbook more.  I should be down on my knees praying to you, pero I read more books. Wagas lang na katamaran po alam ko, and I know I am soo tiny into these universal scheme to even be asking something from you.  But you know po my deepest wishes... Make them true po...