I am a Multi-Tasker Mom


I think about my mom and I marvel at how she managed to take care of us and the household while keeping a job.

We had home-cooked meals even if she comes home from work at 5:30 PM.

We had egg omelets, sausages, and ham for breakfast.

Our house was perpetually clean.

Laundry always gets done - by hand (we did have a laundry woman come over weekly, though) and our closets and drawers get magically filled with freshly-laundered, newly-ironed clothes.

I wish I could be like her.

I am failing miserably.

Oh, the dinner part I am ok with.

The getting-up-early-in-the-morning to prepare what was supposed to be the most nutritious meal of the day is the hardest part.

My kids had to settle for oven-toaster heated Spam sometimes.

Don't worry, it just happened once.  Ok.  Don;t judge me.  It probably happened once a week.  It is a weekly fare, part of my menu!

But one thing my mom did not have was technology.

Am I a better multitasker than her?

I can read books while doing my laundry (I don't even have to get my hands wet!).

I can cook while watching a teleserye (cuz nowadays, the television is practically in every room in the house.  Kulang na lang ilagay sa bathroom! But oh, who pauses their dvd players for bathroom breaks?  I was hoping they have pause buttons as well in movie houses because my son gets bored a lot when watching movies he always asks if he can go to the bathroom!).

But that's the thing.  Too much technology makes us lousy multi-taskers.

I will think of a thousand ways why later because I am cooking while blogging and I might burn the food.

But here is an example.

My twelve year old nephew asked me for the entire 39 Clues e-books and Cahills vs Vespers series.

I shared my dropbox folder with him.

Until I checked my e-mail sent folder a little later.

Since the books are arranged alphabetically, the books starting with numbers as title came first in my e-books folder.

I accidentally sent 50 Shades of Grey.

I accidentally sent 50 Shades of Grey to a twelve year old boy instead of the 39 Clues collection!

You see, I was going through my facebook and twitter while answering some e-mails and at the same time, I was frying some food in the kitchen.

I did send him again the 39 Clues File and begged him to delete the first folder I sent.

I hope he won't get curious and think 50 Shades of Grey is some kind of a "hero" book.

Ooh, I have a lot of explaining to do to my bro (the kid's dad).

So, when it comes to multi-tasking, please do it only when you are not tuliro.

It will save you a lot of embarrassment.


T.L.I. Mom

I am not like most mommy bloggers in a way that I share Too Little Information (as opposed to TMI - Too Much Information).

I don't post as much pictures of my kids as I should (although I have lots of things to tell about them).

(Plus Daughter 2 told me crossly, "You should ask permission from me if you want to share my picture or talk about me.) But let me tell you this one tidbit about myself.

If there was a way ophthalmologists can declare their patient as blind, I can be declared as one.


I am literally blind.

Although no one not close to me (or no one, except people I went to school with.  People who can attest there were times I would just pass by them even if they are giving their biggest smiles and waves. Suplada much?) knows that because I wear contact lenses.

I have -400, nearsighted, not your typical nerd (because nga I don't wear glasses), but your regular bookworm.

I am the Marie.

Anyways,  if you happen to run into me in the early morning,  you will just be a haze to me, so pardon me if I don't say hi to you if you happen to pass by my house.  I wouldn't want you to see my morning face.  I thought it was a shadow that passed by me.

Which was why I thought my pink credit card purse has been stolen in the mall the other day.

See, I was just looking for that tiny argan oil bottle I got from my November BDJ Box inside my bag because my cheeks are sort of peeling from the cold. (This was in the early morning which means I am literally blind that time)

Then I noticed two of my lip balms are missing in my bag.

Now, blame it on the cold weather, but I sure am cranky when I have dry skin and lips.

So, I tossed all the stuff in my bag.

Literally andaming stuff.  I did share in my mommy blog that my bag is a beauty parlor and a medicine cabinet.

Then, as I fixed all the stuff back in (after I blamed one of the daughters that she took my lip balm - it was actually stuffed inside my tiny camera bag), I noticed that my pink credit card purse was not in the bag.

I looked again.

Holy Gamoly.  It is not there!

I looked at places where I could have dropped it.  Nada.

I was shaking as I called the credit card company, plus my debit card company to inform them that my purse is stolen.

Because I was in the mall the other day and I did notice that my bag was being pulled. The purse thief must have pulled it fast.

"All service agents are busy right now."

I had to wait as I was shaking, until I was able to talk to a CSR.  Finally.  I was shaking when I asked her if my cards have been used for any transaction, especially after she informed me that any transaction that happened without my knowledge before the card was stolen would not hold the company liable.  It is in the TOS, the CSR informed me.

"OK.  Just look. " I don't need her to read the entire TOS.  I want her to find out if my cards were used.

Thankfully, nobody used it. 

"Ma'am, baka naman nasa bahay nyo lang.  Hinanap nyo na ba?"

"I did, "  I said.  Then she told me  I have to pay P400.00 replacement for each card. 

"Teka," I said.  "I lost my cards and I will pay for replacement? Bakit when somebody used my card for an unauthorized iTune transaction, you sent me a replacement card free?"

I can't remember her explanation, but if a credit card agent is reading this, paki-explain nga.

I just went, "Ok, then.  Can I use my points?" 

Wala raw siya authority.

Hokey, later na lang ako makikiusap.  I need my cards! (May bibilhin ako online shhh).

So, my cards were blocked then I called the debit card company.

Same procedure, pero ito, I had to go to the branch and get a card for a replacement fee of P100.00 (I wonder why mas mahal si credit card.  Iba ang level ng magnetic strip?)

My other cards were in my wallet kaya ok na, except for the Social Security card.  Di bale, wala namang laman yun.  I will just report it on Monday.

Then I went back to my room where my bag is. 

I fixed it again, hoping I will still see the pink purse.

Then I stepped on something.

The pink credit card purse!

It has been in the house all the time!

Tama si credit card agent.  Nasa bahay nga.

And as hubby looked at me funny as I told him I found my purse, I said, "May dwende ata here in the house.  Tinago ito."