I had a blog!

Dang, it has been sometime.  All this time, I have been badgering my very talented daughter Nicole (Nicole!I hope you're reading this, girl!)to create a blog for me.  Ha! I am truly having a senior moment.  I got a message from my SPAM (I still read that, you know) that this account exists.  Oh, ok.  So, you were intended to be a log for my weight loss?

Ok.Let's get to that.  Weight loss.  My daughter Venessa Paula's weight is inversely proportional to mine, meaning, as her weight kept going down for the last couple of months, mine was steady.  Despite the treadmill. Despite promising not to eat a lot.  Despite keeping up long hours to read and transcribe and do some online trading.

And this time, I won't give promises.  Jillian did work for me. Running gave me stronger thighs (they are still big though).  The treadmill made my exercise easier.  But hey, I won't be too hard on myself anymore...