I have had it with people I have not seen for a while say "Oy, tumaba ka!!!Ano nangyari sa yo?"  instead of "Oy, kumusta ka" or something.

I have had it with weighing ten pounds more than I did when I gave birth to Adrian.

I have had it with making "being forty" an excuse for this weight.

I have had it with me using granny undies, loose pants (they are kind of tight na), loose shirts, black clothes. Gustong gusto ko nang mag-

I have had it with myself making everyday my last cheatday!!!

I have had it with me being bigger than Bino!!!

I have had it with Adrian calling me tabatsoy!!!

Tama Na!!!

I am finally going to lose weight na!!!

I can.

Oo kaya. I can. 

Start weight 148 lbs


Shredding at Day 1 (Level 1 again for the third time)

I have been doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred since November.  Begin with Level 1, restart if I miss a day and go over the whole ten day thing again.  So it goes on and on cuz everytime I mess up.  Sheesh.  I have actually gone to Level 2, twice, but then I stop, and I have to start Level 1 again.  I don't know why.  I just do.

I am at my heaviest this month.  Heavier than when I gave birth.  OMG.


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