How To Boost Your Memory Now!

Misplaced your purse?

To find it fast, listen to soft music using gears from musicians friend chat.

Next, close your eyes.

Music Boosts Memory

Research say that when you did so, you recall details more vividly.

The likely reason? Closed eyes, along with soft music, block out competing stimuli, making you focus on refreshing your memory.

Just don’t picture a doorway, though.


Apparently, thinking of a doorway can supposedly trigger forgetfulness!


Studies suggest that doorways are event boundaries.

They are like visuals that cue you to dismiss one room so you can concentrate on another.

Now, if I can just close my eyes the whole time so that I will remember my loooonggg to-do list today!


DIY Blogging

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a writer, you should start a blog if you:

DIY Blogging

  • Want to share your views on a topic you are passionate about.
  • Love music and would love to share the guitar center locations you love.
  • Have things you want to share with family and friends across the globe.
  • Want to put something tangible on your resume while on a career break.  The ability to put down social media specialist on a resume shows initiative and a valuable skill.  Plus it fills in the dreaded gap.


How To (Finally) Clear That Clutter

Ridding your home of junk can mean a heavier pocket and a happier heart.

Your daughter has graduated from college, but you still have her security blanket and favorite stuffed toy stored in your house.  Maybe, it is time to move on, just as she has, and clean up things that have outlasted.

So, put on those gloves, tune in to http://www.musiciansfriend.com/, and get ready to groove (with dirty hands…)


Keep and Clear