The Safest Way To Light Up Your Home This Christmas

Buy the right bulbs.

  • If lights are labeled for indoor use, don’t use them outside.  The wiring isn’t designed to hold up in snow or rain, so if the interior gets wet, you could be in for a nasty shock’'
  • Figure out how many strings of lights you will need to do the entire job, then check product packages to find out how many strings can be safely connected to each other.  If one brand doesn’t allow enough connections, look for another that does.


Pick a safe extension cord.

  • Be sure it’s labeled for outdoor use and if appropriate, for cold weather.  Otherwise, the cord may become brittle and crack, exposing the inside wires to rain and snow.
  • Look for a gauge size (also called an AWG number) of 12 or 14.  This number indicates the amount of electrical current the cord can support.  For outdoor holiday lights, cords with a number of above 14 may overload and become a fire hazard.completedfavicon


How To Have Blooms That Last

Test for freshness.


If you’re putting together your own party bouquet,try this trick.  In the flower shop, sniff the water that the flowers are sitting in.  It should not smell foul.  And rub the stems to make sure they aren’t slimy.


All You Want To Know About Candles

Bright ideas on what to look for, plus tips for safer burning


Which wax to use for candles matters.