Music Makes You Learn

Yes, you already know all the usual essentials for a good study corner, right?

Music Makes You Learn

Star  A comfortable chair,

Star A clutter-free desk,

Star Good-enough lighting, and your

Star Trusty  audio interface usb at guitarcenter.com!

Yep, don’t ban music!

Especially classical music.

Think Mozart’s Sonata in D Major for Two Pianos!

You see, music has been shown to be a great tool for increasing learning potential.

It enhances spatial IQ by increasing short and long-term memory.

This has been called “The Mozart Effect".” (of course!)

In a study conducted by a French researcher in 1993 at the University of California, the IQ scores of college students improved by about nine points after they were made to listen to the Mozart sonata for 10 minutes!

(I sooo need this!)

While the idea hasn’t been definitely proven, scientists note that the part of the brain used for musical perception is also the part that is used for spatial reasoning.

And Mozart’s sonata, in particular, has been shown to activate parts of the brain responsible for higher thought processes.

Now, gimme more Mozart!


How To Boost Your Memory Now!

Misplaced your purse?

To find it fast, listen to soft music using gears from musicians friend chat.

Next, close your eyes.

Music Boosts Memory

Research say that when you did so, you recall details more vividly.

The likely reason? Closed eyes, along with soft music, block out competing stimuli, making you focus on refreshing your memory.

Just don’t picture a doorway, though.


Apparently, thinking of a doorway can supposedly trigger forgetfulness!


Studies suggest that doorways are event boundaries.

They are like visuals that cue you to dismiss one room so you can concentrate on another.

Now, if I can just close my eyes the whole time so that I will remember my loooonggg to-do list today!


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