Discovering myLot


MyLot is the brainchild of a company called Waseringtech and opened its door in April 2006. The name 'MyLot' was originally used for a site which dealt with garden equipment (a 'lot' means a piece of ground and is sometimes used to refer to the ground around one's house, a backyard or a garden). The word 'lot' can also refer to a group of friends or a community one belongs to, so it is quite appropriate for a site like this with a community 'feel' to it where one can meet and discuss almost anything. 

One very unique thing about the site is that it pays members to participate and that the payments are not based on how many posts you make but on the quality of your participation.

A lot of people value the site as a place to meet and interact with friends, to learn all sorts or things and to generally have fun. The earnings become more of a 'bonus' than anything else, though, of course, it's always rather nice when you reach $10 or more by the end of any month and know that you are due to see that in your PayPal account in 15 days time!