Random Reasons Why I Am Grinning Ear To Ear!

It’s officially summer!

And that is not the only reason I am grinning ear to ear.

Here are the other reasons:

I will be looking for the perfect summer getaway.

Way back (way, waaay back!) when I was a little kid, I used to spend my summer in this lovely beach at my father’s hometown at Santiago, Ilocos Sur. We used to have the beach to ourselves, but , of course, tourism got in the way and now, it is being developed into a Santorini-inspired resort.

Santiago Cove

I can’t get enough of Halo-halo, gelato and Ice cream.

I tried hard to stick to my diet (o.k, I lost.) and my workout, but seeing my favorite cold desserts, all over the place, always makes me happy!


I will be looking forward to a formal get-together with old friends.

I have not seen my old high school friends in a long while, and we are planning to meet up.  Here is the deal though.  We are planning on a formal gathering, to make us feel glamorous and sosyal for just a night.  No worries though.  I have been looking around and found a wide selection of gowns made available online only at ZALORA!  I am so excited!

Beautiful Gowns

I will be shoeless!

I live in Baguio City, which can be cold most days of the year.  It would be liberating to get rid of my shoes and go shoeless! Nah!  Sandals and flip-flops will do!