Moving Up Day

Why, we are now marching on to March!!!  The weather has been getting warmer in my colder part of the tropics and that reminds me that my kids are about to move up!

Moving Up Day has been a tradition at my kids’ school where the school celebrates all that the students have accomplished throughout the school year. 

On Moving Up Day, the students don’t need to watch their fellow students getting top places why they don’t.  In my children’s school, everyone is recognized for his or her talent and are awarded as such.  Which is a beautiful thing.  If you are good at music and even aspiring to play that fender ukulele, you will get recognized for your musical talent, if you are good at arts, you will get an art-related award, and so on.


Wedding: A Celebration of Everlasting Love

You are the happiest girl in the whole universe! You’ve met your man of your dreams, and now you are engaged!

Planning a wedding is exciting. After all, you’re living your dream. Which little girl hasn’t played with their Barbie dolls walking on unrolled tissue paper?


Much as you would like your wedding to be perfect the way you have dreamed it, there would be a lot of hiccups along the way. After all, planning a wedding ceremony is pretty tough.

You would be deciding on many things: from the gown you are using, to the wedding vows you will be declaring to each other to the wedding gown you will be using to the band you will be hiring and what type of music they will be playing to the wedding d├ęcor to the wedding favors you will be giving. (Speaking of, here are some wedding favor ideas you will love!).

The best wedding parties I have attended, incidentally, are when the couple is so totally in love with each other. Their love just seems to radiates and transcends to every guest, making the ceremony and the party after wonderful.

There will disagreements with your partner, expect them. But remember what the wedding ceremony is all about. It is a celebration of everlasting love.