So Tired...

I intended to post here everyday, but I slacked as usual. Well, told you.  If my life was a reality show, it would get cancelled on the first day!!!Which is okay by me, by the way.  I love my life this way.

I have written goals for the week around Monday, and I got one accomplished there.  First tick:  Monday Slackday.  I just lay down practically the whole day.  Did nothing and it was fun.

Tuesday.  Reported for work.  I have a mouthful to say about you know who, but later, with a longer post on that and maybe something on my blog.

Wednesday.  Stayed the whole day at work.  Spent time commenting on blogs.

Today.  got my google adsense approved on my blog!!! Yay!!!Sooo happy.  Now if I can only make more posts.  I have so many ideas, all to take fruition yet.

My goal was to earn around 900 at essays for this week.  Need to work on that.  I am always sleepy!

My dad is not feeling well for a week now.  Hope it is not his cancer...

It is Enrile's book launching.  I would love to get his book!

Will write more details soon.  Have to start my assignment yet!!!


Blessed Sunday!

I always start my Sunday with an early mass.  I never used to.  In fact, I have always found creative excuses to miss mass.  Now that I am older, I want peace and calm in my life, and the church gives me that.  I am not a fanatic.  I don't talk like one. But I want to put God first in my life..

Blessed Sunday everyone!


Saturday, ang bilis mo!

Weekends fly so fast.  Parang blur lang.  I practically did nothing.  Just did some shopping for my dad's undies (may specifics pa haha) and picked up some grocery, wrote an article for triond, republished at other sites, wrote another simple blog post tapos gabi na!dapat 48 hours ang sabado!!!


Adrian Survives the Dentist

Today, even if I am having a hellish headache, is Adrian's Doctor Day.

Yup, I made that up.  But what did I tell you?  I so care about my kid's health.

At 2pm, Adrian had his flu vaccine (and man, he never cries!) and later, have his teeth checked with the dentist.

Earlier this year, I had the biggest "inis" mode when I took Adrian to the dentist.  It was his third visit and definitely not the firs t time his tooth is going to be extracted, but he did have his famous Adrianisms at work that time.  Dig this, " Oh, I need to go to the bathroom." That would be perfectly okay if he went once.  He went to the bathroom five times.  I have to pay five pesos for each, too.  Then, he got really freaked out when his gum went numb.  He was crying.  Very very scared.  He thought his mouth was stuck!" Mama, my mouth is stuck.  I don't want to stay like this forever!"And he was crying really loud too and with that bleeding mouth, I was scared people would think I punched him or something.  He calmed down later though, when he was with his dad at SM.

So, anyway, this dentist visit made me nervous.  But see, my Adrian is a very smart boy.  I told him he needed to go to the dentist.  And he was like, "okay, i am brave, but can I get a Wii game later?" Hokey, anytime, as long as you don't cry with bloody spit coming out of your mouth.

And he did well!The nice dentist had to remove a molar.  See, his teeth is crowding and the dentist needed to do summary extraction.  Never had this problem with his sisters.  They barely went to the dentist!

And that new Wii game made him forget he doesn't have that tooth anymore.

Freaky Friday!Not!

Regular Friday.  I went to Pink Sisters and made it to the morning worships.  Later, I went home.

I know. This is BORING.

But, I love boring.

I like the way everything moves so slow.

I love being on leave...

If I had the means, I would love to work at home.

Not to say I don't do much at home, though.

I do.

I write.

I blog.

And I love staying at home.


Should I extend my leave?


On Leave and Loving It

I have been on leave since Friday last week.  No, I am not playing hooky.  Far from it.  On that Friday morning, I woke up with my red eye practically covered in fresh blood.  I looked like a vampire (Yup, ageless, I know lol).  Anyway, like a normal Mommy Marie moment, going to the eye doctor was not my immediate preoccupation.  I decided to just leave it as it is (bad, I know), and do some self-medication (totally bad, and I also know).

For a little backgrounder, my eyes have always been one of the weakest parts of my body.  Just over a year ago, I had viral conjunctivitis, which is a lot worse than the normal bacterial conjunctivitis and was on leave for about three weeks (my eyes bled, so I am really not new to this bleeding thing. And before that, I kept getting bruises on my eye.  These tiny bruises are burst eye vessels, with a red bleeding spot.  Which should really scare me, right?

I was, but my eye doctor did say this happens all the time.  So, for my self-medication, I bought hemostan, which I used a year ago, to stop the bleeding.  I only used one pill, though.

The bad part about getting a bloodshot eye is that people will literally shun you.  I was doing some grocery at Sunshine on Sunday morning and this lady whom I passed while pushing her cart made a rude comment about how scary I am because of that blood in my eye.

My vision was still perfectly normal and I still did not intend to go to my eye doctor.  However, on Tuesday, Nicole woke up with a swollen eye.  She has a sty.  When it comes to my kids, it is a different matter.  I would go to the ends of the earth just to make them happy and comfortable (Gusto ko Happy Sila).  So, I have to bring her to the eye doctor upon which I will also have my eye checked.  Finally.

The diagnosis was that I had a burst varicose vein.  I was like, I thought only the legs get varicose veins!  Apparently, my contact lens bumped this vein, making it burst and spurt with blood. Scary, I know.

It was a good thing, though, that I finally went to my doctor.  I was probably torturing myself for days thinking I must have high blood pressure or something more terrible for my eye to burst this way.  And the bonus, I was able to stay home.

I absolutely enjoyed staying home. I was able to do some writing.  Oops, nope, I just started yesterday because it was a Forced Assignment and I just finished today.  I was able to read.  I was able to help Adrian with his homework.

I absolutely long for the day when our finances would allow me to stay at home.  Have I ever told you my dream is just to be a stay at home mom?

Oh, and by the way, my mood is "accomplished", because I just finished a very difficult FA set which took me over 30 hours to write (Just around ten, actually.  The other hours were spent sleeping and slacking off).  Now, I am a very knowledgeable person when it comes to power washers hehe. (Essays.ph does give the strangest keywords.  I had to google for Husky power washer parts for hours, aside from the time I spent on how to fit the right keyword. I do love doing this though)


Be Not Afraid

By the way, my custom domain is now live!!! Mommy Unwired is finally on, after a week of posting at a thread in Google.  Obviously, something went wrong with Google's DNS settings and they didn't have the decency to inform poor bloggers like us (You cannot get live support if you don't get google aps for business, wherein you have to pay monthly).  After several days of being silent and claiming that all blogs that have been mistakenly reported as spam in a report before that, they finally admitted something went wrong, and that you have to map your custom domain on your own. I am not tech savvy, in fact, months earlier, I didn't know about custom domains and SEO and stuff, so I was very frustrated that Google will not automatically redirect, as they promised, within 24 hours.

Thankfully, I saw a blog post on how to redirect manually, and so I am back, live! woohoo!

And back to regular programming...

I have been on leave from work since Friday.  A blood vessel burst in my right eye.  It was practically bleeding.  Being the normal mom who is scared to know the state of her health, I put off a visit to the doctor.  More about that later.

Anyway, I am a very troubled person.  Somebody said I worry too much, and I do.  A lot.  And I hate that.  To calm myself, I go to Pink Sisters.  I have been going there a lot, attending the vespers, sometimes praying the rosary, but most of the time, I just sit there, and let the cloud of quiet calm me down.

And you know what, no matter how troubled my heart and my mind seem to be, I received God's answer.  Not directly of course.  I started to read about Pope John Paul II, and on Day One of my novena to him, he told me:
Be Not Afraid!
"Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not let them be afraid " (Jn 14:27)


As you know

As you know (I mean, "As I Know", since I don't think anybody, except me, reads this journal), I have this other blog with blogger: thelumpyspaceprincess.blogspot.com.  It was named that way because I didn't mean it to be my serious blog, but it evolved into a mommy blog, and I got more than 2,000 page views in a month.  Not bad for a new blogger.  So, thinking that it was time for me to get serious, I purchased a custom domain last Sunday, and got mommyunwired.com.

And so starts my misery.  Google, who owns blogger, failed to inform people who purchased custom domain that day that they were having serious issues.  So,I ended up with a non-existent blog, with a blogspot url that redirects to Error 404, wit zero page views, for five days already!

Deym, kainis.  I hope this would be fixed soon, or I can think of a thousand creative ways to talk French!