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Growing up is not as easy as we want to be.  We get disappointed that the world is not perfect and can be very unfriendly.  Things are not as easy as when we were kids, and we are not shielded from hurt or failures.   Just because things do get bad does not mean  you should  give up on being happy.  Because a lot of times, happy is right here as long as you want it to enter your life.  Whether you’re singing your heart out in the shower with that imaginary sound control for live performances that the bathroom walls provide or having a movie marathon, happy is how you make it. 


Getting Pregnant Isn't Always Easy

I never had trouble conceiving.  That is why I tend to tease friends who are trying to start a family, but just can’t get pregnant. 

Until a friend broke down and cried.  For her, I was being annoying.  She has to put up with well-meaning relatives and friends endlessly asking her when she and hubby are going to have a baby.  Not that they are trying.  They have seen doctors and have undergone medical tests.  She is having trouble conceiving and my teasing only made her emotionally distressed. 

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy, but seeking fertility treatments isn’t easy either. Fertility treatments can be extremely expensive, as well as invasive and time consuming. So, many couples are looking for ways to boost their fertility and increase their chances of getting pregnant without having to undergo fertility treatments.


Luckily, according to our friends at PregnancyTips, there are plenty of things that you can do. One of the most important things you can do to boost your fertility and improve your chances of getting pregnant is to stop smoking if you are a smoker. Drinking and illegal drug use can also damage your fertility, so make sure to quit those as well. Maintaining a healthy weight, eating a well-balanced diet, and getting plenty of exercise are simple things that can go a long way towards boosting fertility as well. Reducing stress and getting enough sleep are also important things that should not be overlooked. As long as you use common sense, you can see that there are plenty of easy things you can do to boost your fertility. completedfavicon


When the clueless teen barely says hello when you stop by…

Go easy on him.  He must be going through a temporary age-related manners lapse and is more interested in band accessories.  It’s up to his parents to sit down with him later and remind him of the right way to welcome visitors. In the meantime, your role is to rise above it.  Greet him happily and give him a hug.  completedfavicon


Moody and Sick

Call it tradition, call it coincidence, but like clockwork, I ended up sick again, with an upper respiratory tract infection in October, weeks before my birthday.  It sucks to be sick…I know, the chance to stay at home is heaven (since my mind always resisted going to work anyway), but being sick makes me feel so down.  I am actually less “down” than when I got sick around July.  Back then, I was like, it is not October yet!  I can’t be sick!  and I ended up crying in self-pity as I found it unfair that when the “mom” gets sick, no one takes care of her.  Of course, I was over-acting, but I did cry.  Now, I am actually relishing the time off.  Although my ear ache like crazy (and it has been this way for two days now – man, I need to go to the doctor), I actually attempted to play with Nicole’s musical instruments (she has a guitar, ukulele and keyboard in her room).  The ukulele, which we got after hearing rave reviews from older relatives, especially my uncle who claims it was their choice of music instrument post World War II, is an interesting musical instrument.  It is easier to play than the guitar, and there are a lot of tutorials online. 

Who knows?  I may be going back to work with a new repertoire.


Keep Happy Thoughts

One of my anik-aniks:

I tend to worry and get bothered about a lot of things, like a blogger commenting on a post I made about expanding your means instead of living within your means.  I knew she was entitled to her own opinion, although I did notice that she tend to dish out her opinion all over.  But it does not bother me anymore. And why should I be?  I am reminded about a story T. Harv Ecker of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind shared.  A finance guy was asking about his financial statements.  T. Harv Ecker was like, “you give me your financial statements” because he sure wouldn’t like somebody with messed-up financial statements to take care of his finances.  So my take is I shouldn’t be bothered by her, because I understand finance, I breathe finance, I could interpret numbers and tell if a business is losing or not.  I could tell if she is really earning or not, t00. So there.

Happy thoughts

So one bad thought chucked out .  I am now pointing my mood compass to happiness as my mind theater is currently playing with me and my girls fiddling with our Squier Stratocasters.

And I realized one thing:  POSITIVITY starts with ME!

Red heartMarie


The Four Best Android Phones of 2014

The Android marketplace is constantly evolving, with phones becoming more powerful and feature-packed every year. 2014 is no exception: outstanding new models are being released by all major manufacturers throughout the year. It has become impossible to pick a single best Android smartphone, given that every model offers similar performance in a unique package. However, with that said, here are four of the most impressive and anticipated Android smartphones of 2014.

Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

The S5 is the latest installment in Samsung's insanely popular Galaxy series. Not surprisingly, the Galaxy S5 improves on virtually everything users loved about the S4, including upgraded internal hardware and a slew of unique new features.

With the Galaxy S5, Samsung continues its innovative use of Super AMOLED screen technology. Compared to LCD screens, Super AMOLED offers lower power consumption while also sporting brighter, more saturated colors. This compliments Samsung's TouchWiz UI quite well with its intricate graphics and cartoony appearance. The S5's 5.1-inch screen also offers sturdy Gorilla Glass 3 construction and full HD resolution at a pixel density of 432 ppi. Beneath those pixels is a lightning-fast Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU clocked at 2.5 GHz along with an Adreno 330 GPU and 2 GB of RAM.

Taking inspiration from Apple's iPhone 5S, Samsung has included a fingerprint scanner on the S5's home button, allowing users to unlock the phone at the swipe of a finger. Another interesting new feature is the rear heartbeat sensor, which allows users to check their pulse on the go while integrating the information into Samsung's custom fitness applications. Fitness-minded users will be happy to hear that the S5 is dust- and water-resistant with a certified IP67 rating.  Other features include a 16-megapixel rear camera, a removable battery, up to 32 GB of internal storage and Micro-SIM card support.


Galaxy S5 16 GB White Smartphone - Sprint (2.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Internal Storage, Android 4.4, 4G, 16 MP Camera) - $699.99, Free shipping - Available at Amazon.com



The G3 is LG's latest upgrade to their cult-favorite G2 smartphone from 2013. Just like the G2, the G3 features cutting-edge hardware specs as well as the smallest bezel-to-screen ratio of any Android smartphone currently available. With its tiny front bezels, the G3 is able to fit a huge 5.5-inch Gorilla Glass 3 screen into a body that is hardly bigger than most 5-inch phones on the market.

The screen's resolution is equally as impressive as its size: at 1,440 x 2,560 pixels, it's the first quad HD phone ever released, sporting an unmatched pixel density of 534 ppi. Powering all of those pixels is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU clocked at 2.5 GHz, as well as an Adreno 330 GPU and 3 GB of RAM. To offset the increased power usage of quad HD, LG has managed to stuff a huge 3,000 mAh battery into the G3's tiny frame, so battery life is equally as impressive as it was with the G2.

On the back of the G3 you'll find LG's trademarked rear-button layout, which is done to minimize the size of the side bezels. Above the volume and power buttons is a centered 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization, making it one of the most capable smartphone cameras on the market. The G3 also features 16 GB of internal storage and Micro-SIM card support.


32gb Lg Google Nexus 5 Black D820 Factory Unlocked 2013 Lte 4g 3g (2g & 3g 800/850/900/(1700/2100)/1900/2100 & 4g Lte - $483.01, 4.99 shipping - Available at Amazon.com Marketplace



The HTC One M7 of 2013 won numerous design awards, being the first Android smartphone to feature premium aluminum construction that rivaled Apple's renowned build quality. For 2014, HTC has taken this design philosophy a step further: the One M8's body is now composed of 90-percent aluminum, featuring a sleek curved back that offers the most premium feel of any Android phone on the market.


Like most 2014 Android phones the One M8 has increased in size, now featuring a 5-inch Super LCD3 screen. Protected by sturdy Gorilla Glass 3, the One M8's display offers some of the most realistic color reproduction on the market, sporting a pixel density of 441 ppi. Behind the screen is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.3 GHz as well as an Adreno 300 GPU and 2 GB of RAM.

Setting the One M8 apart from other Android offerings is its unmatched sound quality: dual front-facing HTC Boomsound speakers provide loud, crisp audio that rivals even some laptop computers. The other most notable feature of the One M8 is its innovative Duo Ultrapixel camera. Though it's capable of only 4 megapixels, the 2-micrometer size of each pixel allows them to absorb up to twice as much light as competitor's cameras, making the One M8 exceptional in low-light photography.

The Duo camera also features two separate sensors: the primary Ultrapixel sensor works in conjunction with a depth sensor that allows users to refocus images after they are taken. Other features of the One M8 include up to 32 GB of internal storage, Micro-SIM card support, and an integrated IR blaster for controlling television sets and other peripherals.

One Silver 32 GB Smartphone - Unlocked (1.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 32 GB Internal Storage, microSD Slot, Android 4.1, 4G, 4 MP Camera) - $504.94, Free shipping - Available at Amazon.com

Xperia Z Series

Xperia Z Series

Following their unprecedented six-month release cycle, Sony has upgraded their well-reviewed Xperia Z1 smartphone with an even more impressive offering, the Z2. With its aluminum frame and sturdy glass-back construction, the Z2 offers one of best build qualities of the Android marketplace. And under its beautiful exterior, the Z2 is packed with cutting-edge features and hardware.

The Xperia Z2 sports a large 5.2-inch IPS LCD screen with a pixel density of 424 ppi. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 CPU clocked at 2.3 GHz, an Adreno 330 GPU and 3 GB of RAM, the Z2 is one of the snappiest smartphones on the market. Internal storage is limited to 16 GB, but Micro-SIM support offers expandability up to 128 GB.

The Z2 is one of the most weather-proof phones available: with IP58 certification, it is both dust-proof and water-resistant for up to 30 minutes. The Z2 also features one of the most impressive cameras in the Android marketplace with its 20.7-megapixel shooter capable of recording 4K video. With its dual front-facing speakers, the Z2 is second only to the HTC One M8 in sound quality, making it the perfect device for quality media consumption.

Xperia ZL Red Smartphone - Unlocked (1.5 GHz Quad-Core Processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Internal Storage, microSD Slot, Android 4.1, 4G, 13 MP Camera) - $373.99, Free shipping - Available at Amazon.com

(14 reviews)

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Want a healthy heart?

Do you want a healthy heart?

Love yourself!


Loving and believing in yourself boosts your confidence.  Studies also show that a small boost of confidence can lower your heart rate, putting less pressure on your heart. 

Keep good company.  Friends and family who love and care for you is one of the best ways to increase your sense of self-worth.

Do things that stress you less.  Instead of hitting the mall during the crowded weekdays, try shopping online and make sure shipping overseas is offered.

Red heartMarie


Be Head- and Heart-Smart


Let me tell you something but promise not to judge, okay?  I have this total thing for smart guys.  Back in high school, it was always the smart guy who caught my eye.  In college, my brother caught me talking to myself about this guy complete with dreamy eyes and staring at the mirror thing.  Being caught by your brother talking to yourself about a guy – complete with “those” looney eyes is bad enough, but when that guy is not exactly that good looking (and your brother knows him!), it is kind of embarrassing.

Smart Girls Rule

I was raised with the idea that smart meant having good grades and making it to the honor’s or dean’s list.  It was all about hitting the books, getting my idea of life from the books and trying to live my life based on the books. 

After college, it was such a jolt to find out that life is not based on those books I read.  Life’s biggest choices, such as pursuing your passion or choosing the guy to give your heart or giving prescription ped meds to your sick pet couldn’t be made just by being book-smart.  You need to be life-smart as well.

A life-smart girl uses her head and her heart.  and do take note,  you use your heart and your head together.  All the time.  It’s not like using your heart today then your head tomorrow.  The power in you comes when you mix the two in equal amounts.

If you do something you’re truly passionate about, whether it’s baking those cupcakes your friends love or writing a truly earth-shaking blog post or creating that perfect bracelet, you will notice that you have a clear picture of what you are trying to do, and when you do get stumped, you’re more than willing to learn how.That’s the head and heart working together, right there!

Taking your time to figure out what makes you happy, what makes you fulfilled and content and putting in extra time to learn more makes you achieve anything you want.  Your heart and your head will work together to fuel your passion.

Coming from a fellow self-proclaimed smart girl, smart girls rule the world!

Red heartMarie


A Beautiful Wedding


photo 2

The past year has been tough for me and my family.  It was a year of letting go of people we hold near and dear.  A little less than a year before my dad passed away, my mother in law and one of my dad’s brother passed away.

But, one happy event capped that sad year.  My cousin  and his lovely bride walked down the aisle  on the last Sunday of June and the entire family were united to witness the happy event.  Beautiful music was played.  I bet the band gets their stuff from  Musiciansfriend.Com.

Here comes the Bride!!!

photo 1


Miriam Santiago and the Big C and thoughts on mortality

It has been ages since I wrote a very personal post and let me tell you why.

For the past few months, I have been confronted with mortality.

My mom-in-law and uncle died two weeks apart and on the day of my dad's first death anniversary, Toxie, my dog, died.

I know.  I am at an age where people my parents' age are dying one by one.  I know one day, someday,  I will be seeing friends in the obituary, and that makes me feel scared.

Fearful of what will happen if I unexpectedly go...

Paano na ang blogs ko?

Just kidding. But my cousin is right ha.  She is an anesthesiologist with those words of wisdom na sapul na sapul like the line na "we are more than half of our life span" which makes me fearful.  Come on, I want to take care of my grandchildren.  I look forward to growing old with the Vince.  I look forward to witnessing my Adrian discovering a serum to stop cancer cells from growing! I want to be a part of the biggest French resto operated by Nicole.  I want to see Paula be a doctor!

Kaya nga if these kids say I wanna die, hayy, I wanna kick them silly.

But wait, this is supposed to be about Miriam and her cancer, right?

I like her approach.  If I were in her place, I would be bawling my heart out and lashing at all the people feeling sorry for me.

But you know what, it is scary when death is so real. I feel so sorry for Adrian for having to go to wakes because older relatives are going one by one.

I have a co-worker, Ate N., who is such a healthy, happy person, who turned out to have Stage 4 Lung Cancer.  I cannot imagine the pain her children is going through.

I am taken back to the day I found my mom was sick and won't be getting any better.

You know when people leave the hospital so cheerful and happy because the patient is well?

With my mom, I left the hospital with dread.

She was diagnosed a day after Christmas of having falx meningioma, a big tumor on top of her head.  Now this tumor grows soo slow, affects women at around age 40, and usually has no symptoms.  With my mom, she probably had it in her head for around 20 years, and it only affected her when it became too big that it put a pressure on her head.

When I found out she had brain tumor and it will affect her mobility,sight and cognition, I cried.

I dreaded the day when she will not recognize me...

So every single day, I asked her if she knows me.

and every day, she tells me my name...

It was difficult watching her.  The doctor said she will have five years, wherein her sight and mobility will be affected unless she will be operated on.

But she was frail.  My dad won't have her operated even if I wanted to. The doctor said there will come a time when the cancer will try to take over the body and this may be the time.

So I see her standing up, leaning against the table and closing her eyes, because maybe, her brain failed to signal her muscles to sit down.

I see her bloated from the steroids, sleepy in the morning when she used to be up.

I see her being a shell of her former self.

And I take to crying.

And a month after she was diagnosed, she went.

It has been seven years and there is no single day that I don't think of her.

I look at my son who is now nine and feel bad that Lola has not seen him grow up.  \

She must be really proud of Paula, who insisted that she slept beside mom even if she was sick na.

She would love Nicole and her voice.  They used to vocalize with that Juanita Banana thing when Nicole was around three or four.

I would have asked her how her childhood was, her family history, stuff I failed to ask her because she was busy.

I would have told her I love her every single hour...

Teka lang, I was supposed to write about Miriam and the Big C! On the next post na lang.


How to Deal With Difficult People

Your co-worker embarrasses you in front of the boss.   Your sister-in-law never returns your phone calls.  The cashier closes his lane just as you've unloaded your cart to pay for the Bridal Gifts you are going to bring to a wedding scheduled an hour later.

difficult people

Everyday life is full of interactions that can make even the calmest person feel like screaming, and when these feelings strike, it can be hard to know how to manage them. 

When things like this happen, we tend to back away or overreact.  Keep in mind, though, that backing away or overreacting will never help you deal with the situation.

Experts suggest that there are better ways to deal with tense situations.  Here are some of them:


Take it personally.  If one of your co-workers won't get off your back, remember that difficult people often behave the same with everyone.  When you take it personally, you tend to get emotional and forget to think logically.

Go on the attack.  When you need to tell someone how you feel, don't say anything out of anger and frustration.  For example, avoid blowing up at a meddlesome friend and telling her you never want to hear her advice again.  Stay calm and keep your comments brief.

Repeat what doesn't work.  When your sister-in-law neglects to return a phone call, instead of waiting around for her to call you back and fuming, send an e-mail or visit her instead.


Choose your battles carefully.  If you are annoyed with the snotty cashier, take a deep breath and blow it off.  But if you're having a long-standing problem with a close friend or family member, try to work toward resolving the issue.

Don't dwell on the problem.  Move on and discuss solutions rather than focusing on and continually complaining about a problem.

Be forgiving of other people's faults.  Some folks are relentlessly difficult , but it is good practice to try giving even them the benefit of the doubt.  If your interaction produces friction, it may be partly your fault, too (It takes two to argue.)

Start with yourself.  Communicating effectively isn't always about fixing the other person.  Be consistently respectful and positive, and you'll have fewer difficult people to deal with.


Tuesday Thoughts

Adrian will be MOVING UP to Grade 3 on Thursday!  Woohoo!  He has been spending half-days in school practicing for his class' Moving Up.  At his school, every Moving Up is a major musical production.  Last year, the entire school did a grand production of The Emperor's New Clothes, as the teachers (literally the play's directors) cleverly showcased and integrated every class in the entire production.  Everyone was given a chance to shine as they sang and danced to the beat from the dbx amp.

I wonder what the presentation will be on Thursday?  Adrian said it is  a surprise.


John Lloyd's Version 2.0 and hoping for my new version soon

 If John Lloyd will look smashing eating Century Tuna, I swear I will be eating this every single day!

I have sort of changed my workout routine, just because I missed running so much na.

So I had to say goodbye to Jillian (although I am planning to still do her Yoga Meltdown, just because I got hooked.), and do some running (err, more like walking?) on the treadmill for 4K at least five times a week.  I  started last March, and I still have no transformation to show, except very achy legs. I know I have a lot to change in my diet.  You should see my Kindle - it has so many diet books on it.  South Beach Diet, 17 Day Diet, Jillian's books (there are two and I can't remember the titles right now. Which means I have not read them yet hehe), One Day Diet of Jen Jolan, the latest one I have is on Paleo.

I am hoping I can make headway soon.

Self-Esteem and You

I always talk about confidence all the time, especially to my kids.  My son's School Head told me he has loads of confidence, which makes him better equipped to face challenges in the future.

Some people say expensive clothes make them feel confident.  Some gals need little pampering and pedicure so they can walk tall and proud.  Others get a confidence boost whenever they do well in an exam or their photos using cellular cameras for trails win in the photo contest.  That's cool and you should feel totally good about yourself for all the ways you are becoming a better person every day.

But self-esteem doesn't need to be dressed up or prettied up.  It doesn't depend on your mood or the sitiuation.  It is about loving yourself first in the morning before you've brushed your teeth or wiped the gunk from your eyes, not because of what you can put on, achieve or work hard for during the day but because of who you are - plain and simple And I don't mean because you've got great hair or you are a great dancer or any of the other bit and pieces about you that make you a great person or a good dresser or a wonderful friend or daughter, but just because you are an amazing creation no matter what  - all your flaws and fabulousness combined.


Will The Philippines Have a Lemon Law?

Are you one of those unlucky ones who bought a new or used car that turned out to be defective?

The Philippines have no laws protecting a consumer from buying vehicles that turn out to be “lemons” although House Bill 3199  has been filed by a congressman.

First of all, what are “lemons” and what are Lemon Laws?

“Lemons”  are automobiles, trucks or any vehicle that are substandard or are defective.  The Lemon Laws  of the United States  are state laws crafted to provide a remedy for a consumer that has unknowingly purchased a product that does not meet the standards  of quality and performance.  

The NYS Lemon Law:


This would be a welcome bill for a lot of vehicle buyers in the country who unknowingly purchase “lemon” vehicles.   With the passage and approval of this bill,  consumers will finally not bear the burden of coughing out additional expense to have the “lemon” repaired.  


Moving Up March

Adrian has Saturday class today. He came home telling me that they did nothing, except practice for his Moving Up Day. I didn’t even realize that we are now on the first day of March! My little boy – now young man – will be moving up to Grade 3! He told me their class will be singing a song. I wonder if he will need a willis music choral singer folder ? No matter, I bet he will do his best!

The Vince and the Young Man


I am a Multi-Tasker Mom


I think about my mom and I marvel at how she managed to take care of us and the household while keeping a job.

We had home-cooked meals even if she comes home from work at 5:30 PM.

We had egg omelets, sausages, and ham for breakfast.

Our house was perpetually clean.

Laundry always gets done - by hand (we did have a laundry woman come over weekly, though) and our closets and drawers get magically filled with freshly-laundered, newly-ironed clothes.

I wish I could be like her.

I am failing miserably.

Oh, the dinner part I am ok with.

The getting-up-early-in-the-morning to prepare what was supposed to be the most nutritious meal of the day is the hardest part.

My kids had to settle for oven-toaster heated Spam sometimes.

Don't worry, it just happened once.  Ok.  Don;t judge me.  It probably happened once a week.  It is a weekly fare, part of my menu!

But one thing my mom did not have was technology.

Am I a better multitasker than her?

I can read books while doing my laundry (I don't even have to get my hands wet!).

I can cook while watching a teleserye (cuz nowadays, the television is practically in every room in the house.  Kulang na lang ilagay sa bathroom! But oh, who pauses their dvd players for bathroom breaks?  I was hoping they have pause buttons as well in movie houses because my son gets bored a lot when watching movies he always asks if he can go to the bathroom!).

But that's the thing.  Too much technology makes us lousy multi-taskers.

I will think of a thousand ways why later because I am cooking while blogging and I might burn the food.

But here is an example.

My twelve year old nephew asked me for the entire 39 Clues e-books and Cahills vs Vespers series.

I shared my dropbox folder with him.

Until I checked my e-mail sent folder a little later.

Since the books are arranged alphabetically, the books starting with numbers as title came first in my e-books folder.

I accidentally sent 50 Shades of Grey.

I accidentally sent 50 Shades of Grey to a twelve year old boy instead of the 39 Clues collection!

You see, I was going through my facebook and twitter while answering some e-mails and at the same time, I was frying some food in the kitchen.

I did send him again the 39 Clues File and begged him to delete the first folder I sent.

I hope he won't get curious and think 50 Shades of Grey is some kind of a "hero" book.

Ooh, I have a lot of explaining to do to my bro (the kid's dad).

So, when it comes to multi-tasking, please do it only when you are not tuliro.

It will save you a lot of embarrassment.


T.L.I. Mom

I am not like most mommy bloggers in a way that I share Too Little Information (as opposed to TMI - Too Much Information).

I don't post as much pictures of my kids as I should (although I have lots of things to tell about them).

(Plus Daughter 2 told me crossly, "You should ask permission from me if you want to share my picture or talk about me.) But let me tell you this one tidbit about myself.

If there was a way ophthalmologists can declare their patient as blind, I can be declared as one.


I am literally blind.

Although no one not close to me (or no one, except people I went to school with.  People who can attest there were times I would just pass by them even if they are giving their biggest smiles and waves. Suplada much?) knows that because I wear contact lenses.

I have -400, nearsighted, not your typical nerd (because nga I don't wear glasses), but your regular bookworm.

I am the Marie.

Anyways,  if you happen to run into me in the early morning,  you will just be a haze to me, so pardon me if I don't say hi to you if you happen to pass by my house.  I wouldn't want you to see my morning face.  I thought it was a shadow that passed by me.

Which was why I thought my pink credit card purse has been stolen in the mall the other day.

See, I was just looking for that tiny argan oil bottle I got from my November BDJ Box inside my bag because my cheeks are sort of peeling from the cold. (This was in the early morning which means I am literally blind that time)

Then I noticed two of my lip balms are missing in my bag.

Now, blame it on the cold weather, but I sure am cranky when I have dry skin and lips.

So, I tossed all the stuff in my bag.

Literally andaming stuff.  I did share in my mommy blog that my bag is a beauty parlor and a medicine cabinet.

Then, as I fixed all the stuff back in (after I blamed one of the daughters that she took my lip balm - it was actually stuffed inside my tiny camera bag), I noticed that my pink credit card purse was not in the bag.

I looked again.

Holy Gamoly.  It is not there!

I looked at places where I could have dropped it.  Nada.

I was shaking as I called the credit card company, plus my debit card company to inform them that my purse is stolen.

Because I was in the mall the other day and I did notice that my bag was being pulled. The purse thief must have pulled it fast.

"All service agents are busy right now."

I had to wait as I was shaking, until I was able to talk to a CSR.  Finally.  I was shaking when I asked her if my cards have been used for any transaction, especially after she informed me that any transaction that happened without my knowledge before the card was stolen would not hold the company liable.  It is in the TOS, the CSR informed me.

"OK.  Just look. " I don't need her to read the entire TOS.  I want her to find out if my cards were used.

Thankfully, nobody used it. 

"Ma'am, baka naman nasa bahay nyo lang.  Hinanap nyo na ba?"

"I did, "  I said.  Then she told me  I have to pay P400.00 replacement for each card. 

"Teka," I said.  "I lost my cards and I will pay for replacement? Bakit when somebody used my card for an unauthorized iTune transaction, you sent me a replacement card free?"

I can't remember her explanation, but if a credit card agent is reading this, paki-explain nga.

I just went, "Ok, then.  Can I use my points?" 

Wala raw siya authority.

Hokey, later na lang ako makikiusap.  I need my cards! (May bibilhin ako online shhh).

So, my cards were blocked then I called the debit card company.

Same procedure, pero ito, I had to go to the branch and get a card for a replacement fee of P100.00 (I wonder why mas mahal si credit card.  Iba ang level ng magnetic strip?)

My other cards were in my wallet kaya ok na, except for the Social Security card.  Di bale, wala namang laman yun.  I will just report it on Monday.

Then I went back to my room where my bag is. 

I fixed it again, hoping I will still see the pink purse.

Then I stepped on something.

The pink credit card purse!

It has been in the house all the time!

Tama si credit card agent.  Nasa bahay nga.

And as hubby looked at me funny as I told him I found my purse, I said, "May dwende ata here in the house.  Tinago ito."



Things That Happen When You've Been Married Literally Forever

I’ve been married to this man for 18 years!

18 years.
(I’m saying that with a thoughtful smile.  Not a wince.)
(Unless he does not get my hint that I really want that michael kors jewelry from reeds.com then I am not really in a war mode. Not a bit.)
But when you are married that long like we are, you really do start to act like an old married couple. 
For one thing, we laugh a lot.  This handsome man that I married has a caustic sense of humor.  But I don’t even need to wait for his punchline.  I can get his joke even before he starts talking about it!
We don’t fight a lot.  I mean, we don’t even fight.  It can get boring, I know, but when we do fight, we are too attached to each other we would make up for like an hour after.  I cannot stay mad at him for so long.  His smile melts me!
We give each other personal space although space does not even mean anything to us.  We may be in the same room with me doing some facebook thingie (and he does not even have a facebook.  We are opposites that way!) and him watching an old action movie.
And the silence is comfortable.  We hang out together, comfortable in our silence. Being together, without talking just seems right and perfect.
I am an expert on his moods, his grunts, his facial expression, down to what he may be thinking.  It is weird, but being married to someone for eighteen years would make you a mind reader
He has knowledge of me that no other human being has (o.k., maybe my mom).  He knows my weirdness, my sensitivity, my craziness, and yet, he is still there, embracing and understanding my mood swings and my craziness and stubbornness.
And no matter what imperfections I have, no matter how I forget to wash the dishes at night or cook some warm dinner or iron his pants and end up with two lines, he loves me anyway.

And I love him to the moon and back, too.




New and Improved You!


“You look so young.”

I so love to hear these words.

Who does not?

And I will go to great (and yes, sometimes stupid and expensive) lengths to prove that I look young.
But at a certain point, maybe we should stop and ask ourselves: Is it really eternal youth that we should be pursuing?

In the battle against aging skin, everyone wants to know.

What really works?

After all, with the sheer number of lasers, injectables, serums and peels available these days – all claiming to turn back the clock – it’s hard to know which one is best.

Of course, you will age.  Everyone does.

However, there is more and more you can do to slow the clock – practically on all parts of the face and body and for all types of skin.  Scientific breakthroughs are being made which will not just slow down, but reverse the effects of aging.

In the meantime, most of us, although willing to go to great extent to slow down the aging process, are totally averse to surgical procedures.   We want to look like ourselves, and not a cartoon of ourselves, as the years go by.

Fortunately, Dublin Vitality Center is offering a very unique 3-step process to younger skin, guaranteeing an improved, rejuvenated, younger,  glowing skin in eight weeks.

The treatment is a potent combination of three powerful skin revitalization procedures

As we age, our skin surface gets attacked by the elements – like the sun, dirt and pollution – resulting to the hardening of the upper dermis.  Eventually, the skin will look dull, aging and with dark spots. 

STEP 1 is Diamond microdermabrasion.  This removes the dull surface, polishing the skin and clearing it of dirt, resulting to a glowing, rejuvenated skin.  Used in successive sessions, microdermabrasion may treat light scarring, dark spots and sun-damaged skin.

STEP 2 is Mesotherapy or Skin Needling.  This is used to stimulate skin cells which have otherwise failed to multiply because of the scar tissue to grow, forming new tissue layers of collagen and elastin.  Dermatude is different from a Derma roller in the way that it is controlled by a machine, thereby regulating the needle rolling and preventing any possible damage that a hand-held device can inflict.  This device will gently press into the upper dermis, stimulating the skin to literally wake up!
Have you ever seen a Derma Roller?  This is a hand-held cylindrical shaped device with very fine needles around the cylinder.  This is used to break down old scar tissue, stimulating skin cells which have otherwise failed to multiply because of the scar tissue to grow, forming new tissue layers of collagen and elastin.

STEP 3 is Diathermy.  Diathermy treats these unsightly facial thread veins.  Aside from the dark spots, skin can also be marred by tiny, broken veins around the nose and cheeks called thread or spider veins which can make us look older than our years.

These are non-surgical procedures that work synergistically without the frozen features, unbelievable tautness and the absence of facial lines that surgical procedures may bring.  Instead, they bring you to an entire new level of age maintenance and acceptance.  It is finding the age which you are happiest with the way you look and doing your share of trying to slow down – not to reverse or stop altogether – the aging process.



Jennifer can pull off anything.

Even this which a clueless mermaid wore:

I would love for her clothes to be on fire though, like in Catching Fire.  I truly enjoyed the movie and I am so looking forward to her take on the final book.  I loved her in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, which means I am willing to forget that she wore this Christian Dior Couture bed sheet.


Cold Weather and Rose Blight

Instaweather says the temp is 18 degrees Celsius, but it feels a lot colder!

Age is getting into me na yata because my back ached like crazy when I woke up at 8 A.M.  (I will justify my waking up so late by saying that I slept at around 3 A.M.) I can literally hear my bones creak! Deym!  I thought only old people (oops! I mean, older people) can hear their bones make funny sound (nope, they don't actually hear it.  You - who are a kilometer apart from them - can hear it.  Using two pillows to sleep did the damage.  I was so tired I forgot that the pillow will strain my neck.

Anyways, back to the cold weather.  I am loving the cold weather.  I am revelling in the cold weather.  But obviously, my rose plant is not.  It is starting to have black spots on the leaves, and the lone bud that I am hoping will bloom yesterday stayed a bud (by the way, I am not sure about this rose breed, but it is my best by far in my garden.  It is peach and big and smells sweet!).

The bud looked really wrinkly and the rose leaves have black spots.  Google gave me a close diagnosis of what my rose plant is suffering.  It has Botrytis Blight.  This is fungus that attacks the leaves and prevents blooms from opening and causing the flowers to dry and shrivel.Cold temperature and moisture will invite blight.

I hope it gets better.  Although I am revelling in the cold weather, this is one of the downsides.  I won't even mention creaking bones my cold-weather atopic dermatitis.... 


Lettuce Survive Our Diet

Ha. Ha.  I actually have lettuce in the ref.

Bought two weeks ago.

I dunno.

It must be breeding, generating new life right now.

Via that host.  The lettuce!

Which makes me not want to check it out.

It is romaine.

I hope I can say I love romaine lettuce, because I always ask Sister, the nun who manages the organic store over at the Baguio Cathedral, if she has Romaine.

Of course, I didn't tell her that aside from the Romaine lettuce being greener and much healthier than the iceberg (and some varieties are bitter !  Of course, I haven't told you yet how you cannot make me eat ampalaya), it also lasts longer.  It can last more than a week in the ref crisper.

Oh, I love lettuce and cucumber and bell peppers with my favorite salad dressings.

Like the strawberry and french dressings from Iggy's Place!

But it has been so cold lately that eating fresh veggies and cucumber don't fail to give my tummy a jolt.

It is like brain freeze, except that it is in the tummy area.

O.K.  It is tummy freeze.

And when my tummy gets a jolt like that, it would long for something warm.

Like coffee?

Preferable with something sweet - like cake?

With loads of icing that I so love?

Oh, dear.

Oh, by the way, a year ago in a detox post in my mommy blog, I mentioned about not even knowing what is kale.

Meron pala sa Baguio ang kale!

From Sister's organic store again.

And it actually tastes good.

I can also mix it in soups.

Which will lessen my coffee and cake visions.


After-Holiday Body Blues

This blog seems to have a lot of the blues.  Hmm, you will never know...I have more.

But hey, I still have to do the long run and that serious poop - done thankfully!

Seriously, though, I was over at a Mercury Drug Store branch the other night to buy some artificial tear drops for my eyes (The cold weather is making everything dry including my eyes!), when I overheard this guy buying Dulcolax, a laxative.

"Sorry po, sir, but it is out of stock.  We ran out of it just a few minutes ago."

It was the night after New Year and I can just imagine how many people need to seriously poop because the guy was insisting, actually sort of begging, that a suppository or any alternative will do after the pharmacist claimed the drug is out of stock.

So anyway, what do I never learn every single year?


Don't judge me.  I am one of those weak persons who cave in at the sight of cake, chocolate, lechon (I am weird not wanting the skin though), Filipino food, ham, pansit... (I have to stop.  I have Maggi Seasoning built in my tongue.  Everything tastes good!).  And don't even attempt to eat in front of me and say, "Gusto mo?" because I got to taste what you are eating, too!

So, if you have been going through this blog, you might sort of find out that after I got tired of running 3 K every day (nah.  Actually 3 or 4 days a week), having a bad back ache and zero weight loss (o.k., maybe a little.  Nothing remarkable), I decided to dust  my old Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD.  The first time I did it three years ago, it was hell (You only need to listen to her go on about "that is a false sense of lethargy that is not doing you any favors" when you decide to take the stairs for some exercise and look at her eyebrows arch up as she talks non-stop to the background of her workout music - that is pure evil lol).  But I survived through Level 2.  Back then, I loved Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs (I think I am going to do a blog post on Mom's Workout Videos for my other blog since I have done so much of them.  As long as readers don't ask me if it worked hehe), and compared to those mountain climbers and burpees, Shaun T's ab workout is a whole lot easier and a lot more fun.

But Jillian did build up my endurance.  I guess she was right.  Once I am about to finish the DVD (after wanting to shut it down ten minutes before it is over - was it her voice or her crappy music?), I feel strong.  I feel like I can do anything.  And I do!  I put on another DVD of hers - Yoga Meltdown.

Yoga Meltdown is crazy.  I can sense Yogis all over the world frowning at this workout.  But then, I love to be tortured.  This workout is intense.  But then, before the month was over, I can do side planks.  Finally.

But the Holidays ruined my momentum.

The Christmas Holidays make you giddy.  Drunk giddy.  Giddily thinking that you will never ruin your hard work.

But then, like I said, food is my weakness.  

So, I am back to zero this year.

And I did not even try to make up for my binge.

Last year, I ran like crazy after Christmas.  The year before that, I kept up with my morning runs at Camp John Hay.

I feel so defeated.

But then, there are always New Years, New Beginnings.

I can start all over again.

(Next week na lang so that I can work out in peace with the kids not bothering me.  They will be back to school by then...)

And if everything fails,

There is Chinese New Year pa naman...