What Is My Strength?

O.M.G. Hooly Mooly, My Gulay, is Maria Kang talking about me???

"Friendly Reminder to EAT!!!! Most people who struggle with their weight (including myself) struggle with eating vs. not eating because let's face it - when you're busy, you forget to eat - and when you do, you eat a lot of the wrong things. Most people forfeit breakfast and sometimes lunch and eat large, dinners and unhealthy snacks. While fasting and eating one large portion at night works for some, it doesn't work for most.

Force yourself to eat to instill daily habits with your body and mind. There is so much TRUST required in this fitness journey. Your body needs to know that you love it, that you will feed it and that you will nurture it through movement and sleep. It's 10:30am in my world, wherever you are, make it a point to honor your body by nurturing it with healthy foods every 2-3 hours."

Maria Kang

As you probably remember, I have been rambling about how I work out - sort of hard - for an hour, practically everyday, and totally forget what I have been working out hard for come early evening because I so so need to just put something (more like stuff something hehe) in my mouth.

And this does not seem to work for me.

What worked for me in the recent years was to not eat a bite at night.

Another thing that worked?  My South Beach Diet meals by Hotel Veniz.

I am banking on my strength - which I have soo little of...

To plan and prepare my meals.

And eat super kaunti.

Para naman may big reveal in a couple of months hehe. 

And para naman may other blog about being fit, fabulous and forty would be believable (it has no entry yet, but it is up for sale - not - just kidding).

But, I have been good with my workouts people!

Today is my last day for Level 1 of the 30-Day Shred.

And I have been able to sustain my poses in Yoga Meltdown (I plan to do this until I finish the entire 30 Day Shred.  I still have to perfect the side planks!).

I will take a rest day for tomorrow (office thing...)

Then go on to Level 2.

The reason why I am sort of avoiding Level 2 and have to psyche myself into starting it is that...

Level 2 is such a killer!

In my previous encounters (make it three years ago) with Jillian, I never ever finished Level 2.

Because it is hard!

It has burpees!

And Skaters!

And Mountain Climbers!

Will I still have the strength to do Yoga Meltdown?


On Working and Pigging Out

So, I guess by now, you know that I have a problem.

Big. Time.

By now, you know that I work out even if it kills me.

Yep, I endure Jillian Michaels and Jillian Michaels (kasi nga I do two of her workouts back to back - 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown) for one hour.

And you know how everyone is sooo annoooyed with her prattle.

Did you notice it?

She talks a lot.

She talks about doing a circuit really hard you are going to die.

She talks about 250 pound people doing jumping jacks which totally spells out your wish of a modification.

She talks about misguided notions about "just take the stairs...THAT IS A FALSE MESSAGE OF LETHARGY THAT WON'T DO YOU ANY FAVORS.  YOU ARE CAPABLE OF WORKING OUT ETC ETC."  ( I was like huffing and puffing and screaming shut up already!)

By the way, my false sense of lethargy (I need to eat to not sleep lol) is this:

Only because I don't have Speculoos Cookie butter anymore and they have Lotus caramelized crunchy peanut butter at SM.  Bonggadels for my belly fat, di ba?

Which brings me to why I don't seem to lose some weight...

Aside from the way I mentally go against Jillian Michael's tirade of "You are capable of working out, you are capable of working out hard..." since I have been going against anything an authority figure will tell me,

I get sooo sooo hungry during dinner time.

That is the time I want to eat some carbo, or eat two servings of what I cooked (ang sarap ba naman kasi magluto ni muther kasi - that's me ehem)

as a compensation for what I haven't eaten the whole day.

Deprived lang naman kasi ang peg ko from breakfast to mid afternoon.

During those times, I have an appetite of a bird.


I just eat breakfast to do my daily morning ritual (with the help of Chia Seeds, which helps a lot when it comes to bringing it all out.  As to how it helps in having more energy, I still have to find out - and I have been taking it for like a half year already!).

Then I eat a little breakfast (a little lang naman) at the office just because...

(twice ka naman pala nagbebreakfast...not always naman and konting konti lang hihi)

Then my lunch is super konti (konti lang kasi ang you know).

Then I do Jillian's 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown for one hour.

Then I eat my "kambing food" - lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper and dressing na kaunting kaunti.

Then I do some blog stuff or some work.  Depende on my deadlines.

Then I cook dinner.

And that's when everything in my self-control explodes.

Ang sarap sarap ko kasing magluto, pwamis.

And that is not because I need to finish everything para walang tira-tira.

Kasi bawal yun.

Malas daw.

Gutom lang ako.

Everything seems sooo good.

Kaya nga, maybe I should try putting my food in containers like what I had from Hotel Veniz' South Beach Diet.

Katamad nga lang.

So, anyway, these are my thoughts.

Sorry paikot-ikot.

See you tomorrow!


Randomness Galore

No major thing...Just chilling out trying to write something on this white page while watching Honesto.

Speaking of - totally random again - Paulo Avelino went to UB Science High School, where Paula went to.  Anyway, for him to get in there, he must be smarter than ordinary kids, because they have a really tough entrance exam there.

So, anyway, no exercise talk for today because I didn't do any kind of workout today.

Just made this my rest day because I have to stay and hang out in the office the whole day.

And get extremely hungry after five that I totaled the banana and camote chips in the car!

So obviously, I really need help in the "Diet" department because all my resolve is not working when I taste something good, or I get extremely hungry, or I get bored.

And just thinking of dieting makes me want to taste food!  Arrgh!!


Hey! (The Day I Did Yoga Meltdown and Other Thoughts)

This will be totally random, because my mind is not too organized for a personal blog post.  I am doing this exercise just to keep up with my commitment to write something everyday.

Which is really tough, ha.  There are so many things I want to write - things people do to other people and my take on it - parang fashion pulis - but this blog is just too public haha.  I don't want people wanting to throw kamatis at me and besides, everyone has his own dirty laundry - and everyone wants  it hidden.

And the annoying thing is that every time I hit the publish button, it gets automatically shared!  That is an option I chose with my two other blogs kaya I can't keep changing it here when I post.

So, anyway, sabi ko, The Day I Did Yoga Meltdown.

That was the title of a post I made last Monday - which obviously I did not finish.

It is supposed to be The Third Day I Tried Yoga Meltdown and Failed.

Pero grade me naman MO (Moderately Observed daw sa card ni Nicole but the Vince says Most Outstanding because Adrian can be so condescending sometimes- "Ate Nicole keeps getting low grades because she's lazy").

Because I twisted and stretched  my body like crazy and kept up with Jillian the best that I can.

Yoga ba naman daw kasi yun?

E it was so fast,

And ang bilis ng canned music (Love ko all of Jillian's workouts but her music really sucks.)

And it was so hard keeping up with it because she goes - "chataranga, updog, down dog, one foot front..."  Parang drill master lang naman ang peg!  I was so used with yoga and the ujjayi breath I wondered if the yogi masters will kill Jillian Michaels for making yoga this fast!

Plus, I can't even see what Jillian and her girls are doing kasi nga naman I am doing planks and downdogs.  My form must be really bad.

Anyway, I love to kill myself.  I will be doing this everyday.  Along with the 30-Day Shred.

Sabi ko naman eh, I am so good with workouts.

And sabi ko rin naman na I don't look like I work out.



On Wavering Yet Again

A photo by Stoonn via freedigitalphotos.net

Para nang sirang plaka ang mga goals ko dito.

I swear to diet...
and I don't.

I swear to work out...
and I do naman...

I have gone back to Jillian's 30 Day Shred after months in the treadmill.

Not that I detest my treadmill ha.

I actually love my treadmill.  My treadmill is located at the uppermost floor in our house overlooking the street. I love walking and running (more of walking hehe)  while watching the kapitbahays do tsismis, or take their kids to school, or see people running when it starts drizzling, or not seeing anything (I have seen one amazing scene during one treadmill session.  Our place was blanketed in fog I swear I can't see beyond the window! (I kid not!  I am going to look for a picture that I took to prove it.

So, anyway, I miss my treadmill, but I think only my legs are getting a workout.

And with the way I do it, you would expect me to slim down.


Epic fail talaga.

Because for every 30 minute session I do, I eat food equivalent to a one day session!


So to tweak it a little bit, I decided to bring Jillian back to my life again.

Except that the first time I tried it, on the first week of October, I got sick.

I lost my voice and I had a severe upper respiratory infection that lasted till the week after my birthday (first week of November).

O, di ba?  It seems like the universe is conspiring for me not to get slim!

I was back on Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred a week ago, with a firm resolve to complete it without skipping a session, but I missed three!  I had a seminar on Friday (about Code of Conduct,etc, but it was a fun seminar.) and my brother came home with Khalil last Saturday.

I went back to my workout yesterday, and included Yoga Meltdown.  I actually liked Yoga Meltdown.  It is so different from other Yoga workouts.  I bet gigil na gigil ang mga yoga masters at Jillian, because she totally turned it around! I will talk about it later.

So, workout is doing great (except that I can't do side planks!), but the eating part is not!

I have a terrible habit of "Ooh, I cooked dinner!  I just have to taste it!"  And yung taste turns into lamon.  Alam mo yun, parang wow, ang galing kong magluto. And feel ko malulugi ako if I don't taste it and get two servings! Tomaa!  I need to get a second serving!

And that is what is totally ruining my goal.

Which is making me decide to check in here everyday.

And see if my journey will lead me to the right path...

The path to good health and ...

being a diyosa!

Tingan natin!


Hello, Dot Com!

Hello, DotCom!

Today, or a few hours ago, I am officially www.marieunwired.com.

I have been thinking of getting more domains a few months ago, because seriously, my mind constantly runs with stuff I should (but never hehe) write, and of course, I was thinking of increasing my online opps.

I didn't know why I, after having second thoughts on actually getting a custom domain, finally decided to get one.

Nope.  I actually got two.

See, I have been thinking of writing about being forty plus, so I made this blogspot blog named "Fit, Fab and Forty".

Sadly, it has no entry yet.  In my inner mind, I must be protesting that I am even around forty!

But I was thinking it would make for great SEO. (Probably.  I don't even know how to optimize my site. lol)

Anyway, I have been checking godaddy for the availability of the domain for weeks.

I don't know why I finally got serious awhile ago and actually decided to get that domain.

But something must be pushing me to register it because it only cost me around 3 dollars.

Seriously.  Godaddy is having a promo!

Which made me decide to register this, too.

So, that makes two domains at around six dollars.

Laking savings, di ba?

Hope I can make these blogs grow like my first one.

I registered this last, actually, because I cannot seriously think of a rockin', SEO-rich name.

But since this started out as a personal blog anyway, with my old Live Journal posts taking their home here, I decided to just name it www.marieunwired.com.

Seriously, I sort of act unwired. lol.

I did hear a popular mommy blogger talking about branding.  And since, I started with unwired, must as well name this one unwired.

Anyway, this will remain as a "my thoughts, unadulterated" blog.

That is, if I do get time to fill it out.

As for the other blog,

Good luck na lang sa akin hehe.

By the way, I should have made a Taxation blog, because it gets plenty of hits.

Hmm, I will think about it.

But in the meantime, that topic will belong to Mommy Unwired.