Things That Happen When You've Been Married Literally Forever

I’ve been married to this man for 18 years!

18 years.
(I’m saying that with a thoughtful smile.  Not a wince.)
(Unless he does not get my hint that I really want that michael kors jewelry from reeds.com then I am not really in a war mode. Not a bit.)
But when you are married that long like we are, you really do start to act like an old married couple. 
For one thing, we laugh a lot.  This handsome man that I married has a caustic sense of humor.  But I don’t even need to wait for his punchline.  I can get his joke even before he starts talking about it!
We don’t fight a lot.  I mean, we don’t even fight.  It can get boring, I know, but when we do fight, we are too attached to each other we would make up for like an hour after.  I cannot stay mad at him for so long.  His smile melts me!
We give each other personal space although space does not even mean anything to us.  We may be in the same room with me doing some facebook thingie (and he does not even have a facebook.  We are opposites that way!) and him watching an old action movie.
And the silence is comfortable.  We hang out together, comfortable in our silence. Being together, without talking just seems right and perfect.
I am an expert on his moods, his grunts, his facial expression, down to what he may be thinking.  It is weird, but being married to someone for eighteen years would make you a mind reader
He has knowledge of me that no other human being has (o.k., maybe my mom).  He knows my weirdness, my sensitivity, my craziness, and yet, he is still there, embracing and understanding my mood swings and my craziness and stubbornness.
And no matter what imperfections I have, no matter how I forget to wash the dishes at night or cook some warm dinner or iron his pants and end up with two lines, he loves me anyway.

And I love him to the moon and back, too.




New and Improved You!


“You look so young.”

I so love to hear these words.

Who does not?

And I will go to great (and yes, sometimes stupid and expensive) lengths to prove that I look young.
But at a certain point, maybe we should stop and ask ourselves: Is it really eternal youth that we should be pursuing?

In the battle against aging skin, everyone wants to know.

What really works?

After all, with the sheer number of lasers, injectables, serums and peels available these days – all claiming to turn back the clock – it’s hard to know which one is best.

Of course, you will age.  Everyone does.

However, there is more and more you can do to slow the clock – practically on all parts of the face and body and for all types of skin.  Scientific breakthroughs are being made which will not just slow down, but reverse the effects of aging.

In the meantime, most of us, although willing to go to great extent to slow down the aging process, are totally averse to surgical procedures.   We want to look like ourselves, and not a cartoon of ourselves, as the years go by.

Fortunately, Dublin Vitality Center is offering a very unique 3-step process to younger skin, guaranteeing an improved, rejuvenated, younger,  glowing skin in eight weeks.

The treatment is a potent combination of three powerful skin revitalization procedures

As we age, our skin surface gets attacked by the elements – like the sun, dirt and pollution – resulting to the hardening of the upper dermis.  Eventually, the skin will look dull, aging and with dark spots. 

STEP 1 is Diamond microdermabrasion.  This removes the dull surface, polishing the skin and clearing it of dirt, resulting to a glowing, rejuvenated skin.  Used in successive sessions, microdermabrasion may treat light scarring, dark spots and sun-damaged skin.

STEP 2 is Mesotherapy or Skin Needling.  This is used to stimulate skin cells which have otherwise failed to multiply because of the scar tissue to grow, forming new tissue layers of collagen and elastin.  Dermatude is different from a Derma roller in the way that it is controlled by a machine, thereby regulating the needle rolling and preventing any possible damage that a hand-held device can inflict.  This device will gently press into the upper dermis, stimulating the skin to literally wake up!
Have you ever seen a Derma Roller?  This is a hand-held cylindrical shaped device with very fine needles around the cylinder.  This is used to break down old scar tissue, stimulating skin cells which have otherwise failed to multiply because of the scar tissue to grow, forming new tissue layers of collagen and elastin.

STEP 3 is Diathermy.  Diathermy treats these unsightly facial thread veins.  Aside from the dark spots, skin can also be marred by tiny, broken veins around the nose and cheeks called thread or spider veins which can make us look older than our years.

These are non-surgical procedures that work synergistically without the frozen features, unbelievable tautness and the absence of facial lines that surgical procedures may bring.  Instead, they bring you to an entire new level of age maintenance and acceptance.  It is finding the age which you are happiest with the way you look and doing your share of trying to slow down – not to reverse or stop altogether – the aging process.



Jennifer can pull off anything.

Even this which a clueless mermaid wore:

I would love for her clothes to be on fire though, like in Catching Fire.  I truly enjoyed the movie and I am so looking forward to her take on the final book.  I loved her in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, which means I am willing to forget that she wore this Christian Dior Couture bed sheet.


Cold Weather and Rose Blight

Instaweather says the temp is 18 degrees Celsius, but it feels a lot colder!

Age is getting into me na yata because my back ached like crazy when I woke up at 8 A.M.  (I will justify my waking up so late by saying that I slept at around 3 A.M.) I can literally hear my bones creak! Deym!  I thought only old people (oops! I mean, older people) can hear their bones make funny sound (nope, they don't actually hear it.  You - who are a kilometer apart from them - can hear it.  Using two pillows to sleep did the damage.  I was so tired I forgot that the pillow will strain my neck.

Anyways, back to the cold weather.  I am loving the cold weather.  I am revelling in the cold weather.  But obviously, my rose plant is not.  It is starting to have black spots on the leaves, and the lone bud that I am hoping will bloom yesterday stayed a bud (by the way, I am not sure about this rose breed, but it is my best by far in my garden.  It is peach and big and smells sweet!).

The bud looked really wrinkly and the rose leaves have black spots.  Google gave me a close diagnosis of what my rose plant is suffering.  It has Botrytis Blight.  This is fungus that attacks the leaves and prevents blooms from opening and causing the flowers to dry and shrivel.Cold temperature and moisture will invite blight.

I hope it gets better.  Although I am revelling in the cold weather, this is one of the downsides.  I won't even mention creaking bones my cold-weather atopic dermatitis.... 


Lettuce Survive Our Diet

Ha. Ha.  I actually have lettuce in the ref.

Bought two weeks ago.

I dunno.

It must be breeding, generating new life right now.

Via that host.  The lettuce!

Which makes me not want to check it out.

It is romaine.

I hope I can say I love romaine lettuce, because I always ask Sister, the nun who manages the organic store over at the Baguio Cathedral, if she has Romaine.

Of course, I didn't tell her that aside from the Romaine lettuce being greener and much healthier than the iceberg (and some varieties are bitter !  Of course, I haven't told you yet how you cannot make me eat ampalaya), it also lasts longer.  It can last more than a week in the ref crisper.

Oh, I love lettuce and cucumber and bell peppers with my favorite salad dressings.

Like the strawberry and french dressings from Iggy's Place!

But it has been so cold lately that eating fresh veggies and cucumber don't fail to give my tummy a jolt.

It is like brain freeze, except that it is in the tummy area.

O.K.  It is tummy freeze.

And when my tummy gets a jolt like that, it would long for something warm.

Like coffee?

Preferable with something sweet - like cake?

With loads of icing that I so love?

Oh, dear.

Oh, by the way, a year ago in a detox post in my mommy blog, I mentioned about not even knowing what is kale.

Meron pala sa Baguio ang kale!

From Sister's organic store again.

And it actually tastes good.

I can also mix it in soups.

Which will lessen my coffee and cake visions.


After-Holiday Body Blues

This blog seems to have a lot of the blues.  Hmm, you will never know...I have more.

But hey, I still have to do the long run and that serious poop - done thankfully!

Seriously, though, I was over at a Mercury Drug Store branch the other night to buy some artificial tear drops for my eyes (The cold weather is making everything dry including my eyes!), when I overheard this guy buying Dulcolax, a laxative.

"Sorry po, sir, but it is out of stock.  We ran out of it just a few minutes ago."

It was the night after New Year and I can just imagine how many people need to seriously poop because the guy was insisting, actually sort of begging, that a suppository or any alternative will do after the pharmacist claimed the drug is out of stock.

So anyway, what do I never learn every single year?


Don't judge me.  I am one of those weak persons who cave in at the sight of cake, chocolate, lechon (I am weird not wanting the skin though), Filipino food, ham, pansit... (I have to stop.  I have Maggi Seasoning built in my tongue.  Everything tastes good!).  And don't even attempt to eat in front of me and say, "Gusto mo?" because I got to taste what you are eating, too!

So, if you have been going through this blog, you might sort of find out that after I got tired of running 3 K every day (nah.  Actually 3 or 4 days a week), having a bad back ache and zero weight loss (o.k., maybe a little.  Nothing remarkable), I decided to dust  my old Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred DVD.  The first time I did it three years ago, it was hell (You only need to listen to her go on about "that is a false sense of lethargy that is not doing you any favors" when you decide to take the stairs for some exercise and look at her eyebrows arch up as she talks non-stop to the background of her workout music - that is pure evil lol).  But I survived through Level 2.  Back then, I loved Shaun T's Hip Hop Abs (I think I am going to do a blog post on Mom's Workout Videos for my other blog since I have done so much of them.  As long as readers don't ask me if it worked hehe), and compared to those mountain climbers and burpees, Shaun T's ab workout is a whole lot easier and a lot more fun.

But Jillian did build up my endurance.  I guess she was right.  Once I am about to finish the DVD (after wanting to shut it down ten minutes before it is over - was it her voice or her crappy music?), I feel strong.  I feel like I can do anything.  And I do!  I put on another DVD of hers - Yoga Meltdown.

Yoga Meltdown is crazy.  I can sense Yogis all over the world frowning at this workout.  But then, I love to be tortured.  This workout is intense.  But then, before the month was over, I can do side planks.  Finally.

But the Holidays ruined my momentum.

The Christmas Holidays make you giddy.  Drunk giddy.  Giddily thinking that you will never ruin your hard work.

But then, like I said, food is my weakness.  

So, I am back to zero this year.

And I did not even try to make up for my binge.

Last year, I ran like crazy after Christmas.  The year before that, I kept up with my morning runs at Camp John Hay.

I feel so defeated.

But then, there are always New Years, New Beginnings.

I can start all over again.

(Next week na lang so that I can work out in peace with the kids not bothering me.  They will be back to school by then...)

And if everything fails,

There is Chinese New Year pa naman...