Be Not Afraid


By the way, my custom domain is now live!!! Mommy Unwired is finally on, after a week of posting at a thread in Google.  Obviously, something went wrong with Google's DNS settings and they didn't have the decency to inform poor bloggers like us (You cannot get live support if you don't get google aps for business, wherein you have to pay monthly).  After several days of being silent and claiming that all blogs that have been mistakenly reported as spam in a report before that, they finally admitted something went wrong, and that you have to map your custom domain on your own. I am not tech savvy, in fact, months earlier, I didn't know about custom domains and SEO and stuff, so I was very frustrated that Google will not automatically redirect, as they promised, within 24 hours.

Thankfully, I saw a blog post on how to redirect manually, and so I am back, live! woohoo!

And back to regular programming...

I have been on leave from work since Friday.  A blood vessel burst in my right eye.  It was practically bleeding.  Being the normal mom who is scared to know the state of her health, I put off a visit to the doctor.  More about that later.

Anyway, I am a very troubled person.  Somebody said I worry too much, and I do.  A lot.  And I hate that.  To calm myself, I go to Pink Sisters.  I have been going there a lot, attending the vespers, sometimes praying the rosary, but most of the time, I just sit there, and let the cloud of quiet calm me down.

And you know what, no matter how troubled my heart and my mind seem to be, I received God's answer.  Not directly of course.  I started to read about Pope John Paul II, and on Day One of my novena to him, he told me:
Be Not Afraid!
"Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not let them be afraid " (Jn 14:27)