Want a healthy heart?

Do you want a healthy heart?

Love yourself!


Loving and believing in yourself boosts your confidence.  Studies also show that a small boost of confidence can lower your heart rate, putting less pressure on your heart. 

Keep good company.  Friends and family who love and care for you is one of the best ways to increase your sense of self-worth.

Do things that stress you less.  Instead of hitting the mall during the crowded weekdays, try shopping online and make sure shipping overseas is offered.

Red heartMarie


Be Head- and Heart-Smart


Let me tell you something but promise not to judge, okay?  I have this total thing for smart guys.  Back in high school, it was always the smart guy who caught my eye.  In college, my brother caught me talking to myself about this guy complete with dreamy eyes and staring at the mirror thing.  Being caught by your brother talking to yourself about a guy – complete with “those” looney eyes is bad enough, but when that guy is not exactly that good looking (and your brother knows him!), it is kind of embarrassing.

Smart Girls Rule

I was raised with the idea that smart meant having good grades and making it to the honor’s or dean’s list.  It was all about hitting the books, getting my idea of life from the books and trying to live my life based on the books. 

After college, it was such a jolt to find out that life is not based on those books I read.  Life’s biggest choices, such as pursuing your passion or choosing the guy to give your heart or giving prescription ped meds to your sick pet couldn’t be made just by being book-smart.  You need to be life-smart as well.

A life-smart girl uses her head and her heart.  and do take note,  you use your heart and your head together.  All the time.  It’s not like using your heart today then your head tomorrow.  The power in you comes when you mix the two in equal amounts.

If you do something you’re truly passionate about, whether it’s baking those cupcakes your friends love or writing a truly earth-shaking blog post or creating that perfect bracelet, you will notice that you have a clear picture of what you are trying to do, and when you do get stumped, you’re more than willing to learn how.That’s the head and heart working together, right there!

Taking your time to figure out what makes you happy, what makes you fulfilled and content and putting in extra time to learn more makes you achieve anything you want.  Your heart and your head will work together to fuel your passion.

Coming from a fellow self-proclaimed smart girl, smart girls rule the world!

Red heartMarie