Ang Friday ko, bow


MandyOffice Rant:

Does it bother you when a co-worker starts to follow you up on some unfinished business outside the office? I know, right? (hey, do i say this alot???) Totally annoying.  You are in the middle of the mall deciding if you should get that red jacket and if it would fit you and if it would look nice on you, and this person you work with, who thinks she is higher than you or something, but has the same rank as you have, would quietly go beside you and would say, in a voice audible to your friend slash co-worker shopping beside you, that your report is due the next day or week or whatever!  Come on, girl,  do I look like I am working here???I am shopping, like you are, ok???

This happened to me a lot of times, maybe because I do field work, which means they barely see me in the office, but hey, there should be clear cut rules on how to follow up pending reports, like calling, maybe, at official hours, for goodness' sake???

The reason why I am ranting about this is I just became a witness to this in a public vehicle with hub hours ago.  Everybody was tired from the hike (hey, who ever  thought of planting trees in a mountain watershed in the middle of the rainy season???), with rubber shoes and denims full of mud, when this girl, who happens to have an office at a higher floor which made her think that people on the ground floor are lower than her, duh, followed up Hub who was seated beside me, on a report.  I mean, hey, you can ask some other time, girl.  Not on a public vehicle stuffed with muddy people.

More Office Rant:

Treeplanting at Busol Watershed is a noble idea.  You gather all the government employees of the entire City of Baguio, assign them a piece of land in a designated Cordillera Mountain, and let them plant ten seedlings each.  That would be very good PR to a city who recently was a witness to a corporation who promised to plant a thousand seedlings in exchange for the trees they would cut in the center of the city to give way to a parking lot.  I am also very open, totally warm and fuzzy over the idea, because I, myself, am totally in love with plants and trees and anything green (In fact, when I was a kid, I would plant grass all over our walkway). I even intended to smuggle a couple of tree seedlings and plant them in my backyard.

Yup, that was the plan.  Go there at Busol watershed, take beautiful pictures for Redgage (except that I lost my stupid memory card), and love, love nature.  Reality check!!! The DENR obviously loves our collecting agency so much, that they designated our tree-planting area in the middle of nowhere, which made us trek through zigzaggy muddy foot paths, climb slippery stones with no plant to hold on to, except over-grown grass.  The trek was like around a half-hour, obviously, it seemed longer to an old fogey like me (never mind that I am a self-proclaimed treadmill fiend, doing about four to six kilometers a day).  A great way to enjoy nature, really (not!).

I guess I have to give up my dream of keeping in touch with nature.  I am meant to just look from afar where there is solid, unmuddy ground and observe people getting their nails dirty planting ipil ipil trees.

Besides, who ever thought of planting trees in the middle of the rainy season anyway???