21 Easy Hacks to Make Your Space more Balanced This New Year


Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that aims to create balance and harmony in a location to improve flow of energy and help you live happily.

Unfortunately, many people think that feng shui is just about placing some lucky bamboo plants around your home or buying expensive crystals from Asian markets. This couldn't be further from the truth! In reality, there are loads of simple hacks you can use to create balance and harmony in your home.

That's why we've created this guide on 10 hacks for creating balance and harmony in the home using Chinese philosophy as a framework! We'll walk through each step together so you can create your ideal environment without wasting time or money on unnecessary purchases.

Here is your Guide on 21 Hacks For Creating Balance and Harmony in the Home:

Clean up clutter

The first step towards feng shui bliss is removing any physical clutter that might be cluttering up your life. By clearing away all those unwanted items, even if they're just boxed up in a spare room somewhere, you'll feel an instant sense of calm when entering any given room. It will also make cleaning easier , so what are you waiting for? Clear your clutter today!

Plant some green!

Adding some greenery to your living space can have a positive effect on both mental and physical health.  It's also an easy way to add balance to any room without spending much time or money, with Mother Nature doing the heavy lifting in terms of cleaning the air.

The number of plants you should have depends on how big your living space is, but as a rule of thumb aim for 1-2 office plants per person and one large plant per room.  To create balance and harmony in an area, look for houseplants with round leaves and pale colors such as aloe vera, snake plant, spider plant and peace lilies.

You can also decorate your home with small-leaved houseplants or ornamental grasses, as these are known to attract money luck in the new year!  To activate this kind of positive energy in your home, you should place pointed leaved plants at least one foot away from a main door or front entrance.

The color green is associated with wood in feng shui because it represents growth and health- two things you'll want plenty of in the New Year!  To tap into this energy source, you should decorate your home with fresh green plants and bright green tableware to expand good health luck.

Include symbols of wisdom and knowledge to attract intelligence luck

In feng shui, the color blue is associated with heaven and water, both elements that are linked to intelligence, which is why it's a great idea to use blue as an accent color in your home décor this New Year.  Blue can be used in the form of throw pillows, vases, cloth napkins and even utensils to attract luck in the areas of knowledge and wisdom.

Turn on a light!

The power of lighting cannot be underestimated when it comes to creating balance and harmony in your home.  What's even more fascinating is that the effect on mood and physical health is immediate!

To create the most positive energy, avoid fluorescent strip lights or low-energy bulbs as they can cause headaches and anxiety, both of which have a negative impact on a person's mood.  Instead, look for brighter lights with a yellow or orange tint to them.

In order to create balance in the living room, bedroom and main door area, aim for a warm light with an intensity of no more than 300 lux. In contrast, cold colors such as white activate your body, so you should aim for lights in this color to be no more than 150lx, while light blues should have an intensity of around 200lx.

Clear the path to your front door by removing clutter and obstacles

Your front door is where all of your positive energy enters your home, so it's important to make sure there are no obstructions blocking its path.  To activate the benevolence luck in the new year , remove any obstacles from outside the front door or make sure they are at least one foot away from this area.

Don't forget to clear away any clutter from the inside of your front door as well! Wipe the entire area with a clean cloth and hang up your chosen symbol of knowledge to attract good fortune and health luck.

If you have a decorated wish tree, please make sure it's kept in good condition so that all auspicious energy can flow through this space unhindered.

Cleanse your home regularly with salt water during the first half of the year

To remove negative energy from your living space, make sure you sprinkle salt water throughout your home regularly (ideally on a daily basis but weekly will suffice) during the first half of the year.  The best time to do this is at 5pm.  Just add water to salt until you get a paste consistency then use string or cotton wool to apply this on the front threshold, lower edge of your doorsills, on the inside of your front door, on all cabinet knobs and hinges, on all floorboards and under furniture.

Don't forget to pay attention to the corners of your living room and kitchen where three planes intersect, as this is also an important part of the New Year cleansing process.

Keep a bowl of water in front of your door for freshness and purity

Fresh, clean water has the power to draw in positive chi , which is why it's important to keep a bowl of water in front of your home for both you and visitors.  It also represents having a deep connection with another person, so make sure you always refill this offering and switch out the flower offerings every day!

Organize your bookshelf to attract wealth luck

Feng shui attaches great importance to the ability of balance and harmony in a setting.  Having well-organized bookshelves which reflect the correct sequence of titles can improve knowledge and wisdom, but also lead to increased income luck!  Books should be arranged in descending order according to size, with the largest at the bottom and smallest at the top.

If you have a lot of books in your home, why not consider rotating them so that you can access all of them easily?  Doing this on a monthly basis will ensure they are constantly being read and practiced by everyone in your family.

Don't forget to remove any books which are still on their way to the recycling centre!

Avoid placing mirrors directly across from each other as it may create an imbalance in energy flow .

Instead, place these objects at an angle so the energy can flow through properly.

In order to prevent bad chi from entering your bedroom, it's best not to hang mirrors on the inside of your front door as this will allow negative energy access into your living space.  Nor should you have a mirror facing towards the entrance of your bedroom.

Tips for the Bedroom

If you don't have a separate dressing room, try to paint the inside of your wardrobe doors using a purple color and place some coins in front of these before closing them to elevate your charisma luck .

Make sure you only attach one hook on each side of your wardrobe door for good stability . Avoid having too many ornaments in front of your door as it could block the flow of good fortune.

Keep your bathroom clean

The bathroom is an important area to pay attention to in order to receive plenty of water luck for the year ahead!  Please make sure you cleanse the space regularly with salt water and keep it well ventilated at all times.  Avoid having any sharp, metal objects in this area as they could lead to a loss of wealth luck.

Your bathroom mirror should never face your front door as it will invite the flow of bad energy into your home.

Use a red or pink rug at the entrance to you main door

Make sure there's always something soft and comfortable for you to take your shoes off with, so that everyone can do so without hassle.

You should also place a red or pink rug at the entrance of your front door where guests will most likely tread on first.  These colors represent luck, happiness and celebration .  Place this down before the new year begins!

Decorate using fire colors

To ensure an abundant flow of fire luck for the year, decorate your living space using the color red , orange and pink .  These hues are especially auspicious this year, as they symbolize warmth and passion .

Use water elements to drown out bad energy

At every lunar new year, it's important that you have fresh flowers in your home.  Having a vase of roses or peonies placed at the center of your dining table will encourage optimism and growth luck .

The best way to get rid of bad energy is by using water elements to drown it out.  Therefore, make sure you use plenty of bowls filled with fresh water during this time.

Include symbols of career luck for advancement

Using the color purple will help stimulate your success chi .  Try to incorporate symbols of career luck into your décor, such as an elephant statue if you're a business owner or a green leaf if you work in trade.

Avoid having any sharp corners on furniture or decorations around the house as they can disturb Chi flow and cause injury!

Place some coins under your table for wealth luck.

Having a table in the center of your home is vital for good fortune.  Make sure there are no sharp corners on its surface or legs.  You can also place some coins under the table to elevate wealth luck.

Do not walk over any water features when you enter your living space, nor should these interrupt the flow at the entrance to your home.

Hang wind chimes or crystals near windows or doors that face east or west to avoid creating a "dead zone" where qi cannot enter the home .

If you have too many sharp metal objects placed in the bedroom, it's best to place some crystals or wind chimes near the windows or sliding glass doors instead.  This will help prevent any bad luck from entering your house.

Use natural light whenever possible- it's free and provides balance in energy flow through the day .

You should also make sure that your windows allow lots of natural light into your home.  This energy can help balance the flow of Qi throughout the day, while minimizing bad vibes!

Never place shoes on the table or couch to prevent loss of wealth luck.

Please make sure that you never place your shoes on your table or couch.  This is also to ensure that you do not disturb any good fortune in the home!

Consider using feng shui colors when decorating -

Black is known for its grounding and balancing properties, while white brings in the sun to balance the earth .  You can also use peach and brown in moderation, as they represent the earth element.  Finally, using blue or green in your décor is another great way to incorporate balance and harmony into your home.

Hang a crystal globe near your front door to draw in positive energy and activate good luck and abundance for your space .

The best way to finish off the new year is with a happy and prosperous home. We hope these feng shui tips will help you create an inviting space for your loved ones, where abundance can be found in every corner of your living room or bedroom. And if you're not sure how to get started, just let us know! Which of these feng shui hacks have you applied?  Let us know what worked well below- we'd love to hear from our readers! Have any questions about this article at all - feel free to ask down below as well!