As you know


As you know (I mean, "As I Know", since I don't think anybody, except me, reads this journal), I have this other blog with blogger:  It was named that way because I didn't mean it to be my serious blog, but it evolved into a mommy blog, and I got more than 2,000 page views in a month.  Not bad for a new blogger.  So, thinking that it was time for me to get serious, I purchased a custom domain last Sunday, and got

And so starts my misery.  Google, who owns blogger, failed to inform people who purchased custom domain that day that they were having serious issues.  So,I ended up with a non-existent blog, with a blogspot url that redirects to Error 404, wit zero page views, for five days already!

Deym, kainis.  I hope this would be fixed soon, or I can think of a thousand creative ways to talk French!