Things That Happen When You've Been Married Literally Forever


I’ve been married to this man for 18 years!

18 years.
(I’m saying that with a thoughtful smile.  Not a wince.)
(Unless he does not get my hint that I really want that michael kors jewelry from then I am not really in a war mode. Not a bit.)
But when you are married that long like we are, you really do start to act like an old married couple. 
For one thing, we laugh a lot.  This handsome man that I married has a caustic sense of humor.  But I don’t even need to wait for his punchline.  I can get his joke even before he starts talking about it!
We don’t fight a lot.  I mean, we don’t even fight.  It can get boring, I know, but when we do fight, we are too attached to each other we would make up for like an hour after.  I cannot stay mad at him for so long.  His smile melts me!
We give each other personal space although space does not even mean anything to us.  We may be in the same room with me doing some facebook thingie (and he does not even have a facebook.  We are opposites that way!) and him watching an old action movie.
And the silence is comfortable.  We hang out together, comfortable in our silence. Being together, without talking just seems right and perfect.
I am an expert on his moods, his grunts, his facial expression, down to what he may be thinking.  It is weird, but being married to someone for eighteen years would make you a mind reader
He has knowledge of me that no other human being has (o.k., maybe my mom).  He knows my weirdness, my sensitivity, my craziness, and yet, he is still there, embracing and understanding my mood swings and my craziness and stubbornness.
And no matter what imperfections I have, no matter how I forget to wash the dishes at night or cook some warm dinner or iron his pants and end up with two lines, he loves me anyway.

And I love him to the moon and back, too.


  1. Congratulations sis. Praying for more blissful years of togetherness for both of you. Hubby and I were married in January too. :a