John Lloyd's Version 2.0 and hoping for my new version soon


 If John Lloyd will look smashing eating Century Tuna, I swear I will be eating this every single day!

I have sort of changed my workout routine, just because I missed running so much na.

So I had to say goodbye to Jillian (although I am planning to still do her Yoga Meltdown, just because I got hooked.), and do some running (err, more like walking?) on the treadmill for 4K at least five times a week.  I  started last March, and I still have no transformation to show, except very achy legs. I know I have a lot to change in my diet.  You should see my Kindle - it has so many diet books on it.  South Beach Diet, 17 Day Diet, Jillian's books (there are two and I can't remember the titles right now. Which means I have not read them yet hehe), One Day Diet of Jen Jolan, the latest one I have is on Paleo.

I am hoping I can make headway soon.


  1. I support you on your endeavor. Sis, go for something you can sustain for long. Mahirap kasi ang fad diets. Too radical at times that you end up giving it up after a time. When it comes to eating, do it the Japanese way....when you're about 80% full na, stop right there kahit masarap ang luto mo hehehe...

    Continue mo lang exercise regimen mo sis kahit wala pa visible results...if you feel more energetic than when you were not exercising, then that's a good indicator...Keep moving.