Will The Philippines Have a Lemon Law?


Are you one of those unlucky ones who bought a new or used car that turned out to be defective?

The Philippines have no laws protecting a consumer from buying vehicles that turn out to be “lemons” although House Bill 3199  has been filed by a congressman.

First of all, what are “lemons” and what are Lemon Laws?

“Lemons”  are automobiles, trucks or any vehicle that are substandard or are defective.  The Lemon Laws  of the United States  are state laws crafted to provide a remedy for a consumer that has unknowingly purchased a product that does not meet the standards  of quality and performance.  

The NYS Lemon Law:


This would be a welcome bill for a lot of vehicle buyers in the country who unknowingly purchase “lemon” vehicles.   With the passage and approval of this bill,  consumers will finally not bear the burden of coughing out additional expense to have the “lemon” repaired.