Cold Weather and Rose Blight


Instaweather says the temp is 18 degrees Celsius, but it feels a lot colder!

Age is getting into me na yata because my back ached like crazy when I woke up at 8 A.M.  (I will justify my waking up so late by saying that I slept at around 3 A.M.) I can literally hear my bones creak! Deym!  I thought only old people (oops! I mean, older people) can hear their bones make funny sound (nope, they don't actually hear it.  You - who are a kilometer apart from them - can hear it.  Using two pillows to sleep did the damage.  I was so tired I forgot that the pillow will strain my neck.

Anyways, back to the cold weather.  I am loving the cold weather.  I am revelling in the cold weather.  But obviously, my rose plant is not.  It is starting to have black spots on the leaves, and the lone bud that I am hoping will bloom yesterday stayed a bud (by the way, I am not sure about this rose breed, but it is my best by far in my garden.  It is peach and big and smells sweet!).

The bud looked really wrinkly and the rose leaves have black spots.  Google gave me a close diagnosis of what my rose plant is suffering.  It has Botrytis Blight.  This is fungus that attacks the leaves and prevents blooms from opening and causing the flowers to dry and shrivel.Cold temperature and moisture will invite blight.

I hope it gets better.  Although I am revelling in the cold weather, this is one of the downsides.  I won't even mention creaking bones my cold-weather atopic dermatitis....