Lettuce Survive Our Diet


Ha. Ha.  I actually have lettuce in the ref.

Bought two weeks ago.

I dunno.

It must be breeding, generating new life right now.

Via that host.  The lettuce!

Which makes me not want to check it out.

It is romaine.

I hope I can say I love romaine lettuce, because I always ask Sister, the nun who manages the organic store over at the Baguio Cathedral, if she has Romaine.

Of course, I didn't tell her that aside from the Romaine lettuce being greener and much healthier than the iceberg (and some varieties are bitter !  Of course, I haven't told you yet how you cannot make me eat ampalaya), it also lasts longer.  It can last more than a week in the ref crisper.

Oh, I love lettuce and cucumber and bell peppers with my favorite salad dressings.

Like the strawberry and french dressings from Iggy's Place!

But it has been so cold lately that eating fresh veggies and cucumber don't fail to give my tummy a jolt.

It is like brain freeze, except that it is in the tummy area.

O.K.  It is tummy freeze.

And when my tummy gets a jolt like that, it would long for something warm.

Like coffee?

Preferable with something sweet - like cake?

With loads of icing that I so love?

Oh, dear.

Oh, by the way, a year ago in a detox post in my mommy blog, I mentioned about not even knowing what is kale.

Meron pala sa Baguio ang kale!

From Sister's organic store again.

And it actually tastes good.

I can also mix it in soups.

Which will lessen my coffee and cake visions.


  1. These are the kinds of posts that make me want to relocate, seriously...if only I could get a good paying job there, why not....I think I'll live longer, being at the source of these fresh fruits and veggies and abounding parks to run into...and less polluted place than Manila...hayyyy...

  2. i have never liked lettuce while i'm still in Phils even during my diet days, but when i move in the USA i have to do it or else i'll be bloated of a high cholesterol, very carbohydrate foods here.

  3. Letuce is a really healthy food we should have in our regular diets.

  4. We love cucumber here and although iceberg lettuce is not as healthy as the romaine, we prefer to have it lol. I can eat amapalaya but it has to be spicy and cooked in coconut milk weee.

  5. I love lettuce especially on my sandwich and salad. I also have tried kale, it tasted good. It tasted like it has milk on it, I am tasting it weird? It was good and I like it on stir fry

  6. That 's my number one favorite Lettuce! I love veggies. But our body needs meat so I have to stop being vegtarian.