What Is My Strength?


O.M.G. Hooly Mooly, My Gulay, is Maria Kang talking about me???

"Friendly Reminder to EAT!!!! Most people who struggle with their weight (including myself) struggle with eating vs. not eating because let's face it - when you're busy, you forget to eat - and when you do, you eat a lot of the wrong things. Most people forfeit breakfast and sometimes lunch and eat large, dinners and unhealthy snacks. While fasting and eating one large portion at night works for some, it doesn't work for most.

Force yourself to eat to instill daily habits with your body and mind. There is so much TRUST required in this fitness journey. Your body needs to know that you love it, that you will feed it and that you will nurture it through movement and sleep. It's 10:30am in my world, wherever you are, make it a point to honor your body by nurturing it with healthy foods every 2-3 hours."

Maria Kang

As you probably remember, I have been rambling about how I work out - sort of hard - for an hour, practically everyday, and totally forget what I have been working out hard for come early evening because I so so need to just put something (more like stuff something hehe) in my mouth.

And this does not seem to work for me.

What worked for me in the recent years was to not eat a bite at night.

Another thing that worked?  My South Beach Diet meals by Hotel Veniz.

I am banking on my strength - which I have soo little of...

To plan and prepare my meals.

And eat super kaunti.

Para naman may big reveal in a couple of months hehe. 

And para naman may other blog about being fit, fabulous and forty would be believable (it has no entry yet, but it is up for sale - not - just kidding).

But, I have been good with my workouts people!

Today is my last day for Level 1 of the 30-Day Shred.

And I have been able to sustain my poses in Yoga Meltdown (I plan to do this until I finish the entire 30 Day Shred.  I still have to perfect the side planks!).

I will take a rest day for tomorrow (office thing...)

Then go on to Level 2.

The reason why I am sort of avoiding Level 2 and have to psyche myself into starting it is that...

Level 2 is such a killer!

In my previous encounters (make it three years ago) with Jillian, I never ever finished Level 2.

Because it is hard!

It has burpees!

And Skaters!

And Mountain Climbers!

Will I still have the strength to do Yoga Meltdown?


  1. Run more hehehe! You are so blessed that in your place, you have a lot of parks to jog around...run outside more sis, just be safe of course. For rainy days, that's when you go tread milling :-)