Randomness Galore


No major thing...Just chilling out trying to write something on this white page while watching Honesto.

Speaking of - totally random again - Paulo Avelino went to UB Science High School, where Paula went to.  Anyway, for him to get in there, he must be smarter than ordinary kids, because they have a really tough entrance exam there.

So, anyway, no exercise talk for today because I didn't do any kind of workout today.

Just made this my rest day because I have to stay and hang out in the office the whole day.

And get extremely hungry after five that I totaled the banana and camote chips in the car!

So obviously, I really need help in the "Diet" department because all my resolve is not working when I taste something good, or I get extremely hungry, or I get bored.

And just thinking of dieting makes me want to taste food!  Arrgh!!