Hey! (The Day I Did Yoga Meltdown and Other Thoughts)


This will be totally random, because my mind is not too organized for a personal blog post.  I am doing this exercise just to keep up with my commitment to write something everyday.

Which is really tough, ha.  There are so many things I want to write - things people do to other people and my take on it - parang fashion pulis - but this blog is just too public haha.  I don't want people wanting to throw kamatis at me and besides, everyone has his own dirty laundry - and everyone wants  it hidden.

And the annoying thing is that every time I hit the publish button, it gets automatically shared!  That is an option I chose with my two other blogs kaya I can't keep changing it here when I post.

So, anyway, sabi ko, The Day I Did Yoga Meltdown.

That was the title of a post I made last Monday - which obviously I did not finish.

It is supposed to be The Third Day I Tried Yoga Meltdown and Failed.

Pero grade me naman MO (Moderately Observed daw sa card ni Nicole but the Vince says Most Outstanding because Adrian can be so condescending sometimes- "Ate Nicole keeps getting low grades because she's lazy").

Because I twisted and stretched  my body like crazy and kept up with Jillian the best that I can.

Yoga ba naman daw kasi yun?

E it was so fast,

And ang bilis ng canned music (Love ko all of Jillian's workouts but her music really sucks.)

And it was so hard keeping up with it because she goes - "chataranga, updog, down dog, one foot front..."  Parang drill master lang naman ang peg!  I was so used with yoga and the ujjayi breath I wondered if the yogi masters will kill Jillian Michaels for making yoga this fast!

Plus, I can't even see what Jillian and her girls are doing kasi nga naman I am doing planks and downdogs.  My form must be really bad.

Anyway, I love to kill myself.  I will be doing this everyday.  Along with the 30-Day Shred.

Sabi ko naman eh, I am so good with workouts.

And sabi ko rin naman na I don't look like I work out.