Hello, Dot Com!


Hello, DotCom!

Today, or a few hours ago, I am officially www.marieunwired.com.

I have been thinking of getting more domains a few months ago, because seriously, my mind constantly runs with stuff I should (but never hehe) write, and of course, I was thinking of increasing my online opps.

I didn't know why I, after having second thoughts on actually getting a custom domain, finally decided to get one.

Nope.  I actually got two.

See, I have been thinking of writing about being forty plus, so I made this blogspot blog named "Fit, Fab and Forty".

Sadly, it has no entry yet.  In my inner mind, I must be protesting that I am even around forty!

But I was thinking it would make for great SEO. (Probably.  I don't even know how to optimize my site. lol)

Anyway, I have been checking godaddy for the availability of the domain for weeks.

I don't know why I finally got serious awhile ago and actually decided to get that domain.

But something must be pushing me to register it because it only cost me around 3 dollars.

Seriously.  Godaddy is having a promo!

Which made me decide to register this, too.

So, that makes two domains at around six dollars.

Laking savings, di ba?

Hope I can make these blogs grow like my first one.

I registered this last, actually, because I cannot seriously think of a rockin', SEO-rich name.

But since this started out as a personal blog anyway, with my old Live Journal posts taking their home here, I decided to just name it www.marieunwired.com.

Seriously, I sort of act unwired. lol.

I did hear a popular mommy blogger talking about branding.  And since, I started with unwired, must as well name this one unwired.

Anyway, this will remain as a "my thoughts, unadulterated" blog.

That is, if I do get time to fill it out.

As for the other blog,

Good luck na lang sa akin hehe.

By the way, I should have made a Taxation blog, because it gets plenty of hits.

Hmm, I will think about it.

But in the meantime, that topic will belong to Mommy Unwired.