On Working and Pigging Out


So, I guess by now, you know that I have a problem.

Big. Time.

By now, you know that I work out even if it kills me.

Yep, I endure Jillian Michaels and Jillian Michaels (kasi nga I do two of her workouts back to back - 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown) for one hour.

And you know how everyone is sooo annoooyed with her prattle.

Did you notice it?

She talks a lot.

She talks about doing a circuit really hard you are going to die.

She talks about 250 pound people doing jumping jacks which totally spells out your wish of a modification.

She talks about misguided notions about "just take the stairs...THAT IS A FALSE MESSAGE OF LETHARGY THAT WON'T DO YOU ANY FAVORS.  YOU ARE CAPABLE OF WORKING OUT ETC ETC."  ( I was like huffing and puffing and screaming shut up already!)

By the way, my false sense of lethargy (I need to eat to not sleep lol) is this:

Only because I don't have Speculoos Cookie butter anymore and they have Lotus caramelized crunchy peanut butter at SM.  Bonggadels for my belly fat, di ba?

Which brings me to why I don't seem to lose some weight...

Aside from the way I mentally go against Jillian Michael's tirade of "You are capable of working out, you are capable of working out hard..." since I have been going against anything an authority figure will tell me,

I get sooo sooo hungry during dinner time.

That is the time I want to eat some carbo, or eat two servings of what I cooked (ang sarap ba naman kasi magluto ni muther kasi - that's me ehem)

as a compensation for what I haven't eaten the whole day.

Deprived lang naman kasi ang peg ko from breakfast to mid afternoon.

During those times, I have an appetite of a bird.


I just eat breakfast to do my daily morning ritual (with the help of Chia Seeds, which helps a lot when it comes to bringing it all out.  As to how it helps in having more energy, I still have to find out - and I have been taking it for like a half year already!).

Then I eat a little breakfast (a little lang naman) at the office just because...

(twice ka naman pala nagbebreakfast...not always naman and konting konti lang hihi)

Then my lunch is super konti (konti lang kasi ang you know).

Then I do Jillian's 30 Day Shred and Yoga Meltdown for one hour.

Then I eat my "kambing food" - lettuce, cucumber, bell pepper and dressing na kaunting kaunti.

Then I do some blog stuff or some work.  Depende on my deadlines.

Then I cook dinner.

And that's when everything in my self-control explodes.

Ang sarap sarap ko kasing magluto, pwamis.

And that is not because I need to finish everything para walang tira-tira.

Kasi bawal yun.

Malas daw.

Gutom lang ako.

Everything seems sooo good.

Kaya nga, maybe I should try putting my food in containers like what I had from Hotel Veniz' South Beach Diet.

Katamad nga lang.

So, anyway, these are my thoughts.

Sorry paikot-ikot.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Baligtad nga sis hehehe...eat more during the day...sa gabi, konti na lang. I have survived most days with just bread or biscuits and water at night hehehe..yun lang, it's a different story when I am still outside home by dinner time. Nagugutom ako at ang daming nadadaanang fastfood hehehe...But those are rare instances.

    I eat a lot for breakfast (kasi nga, I barely eat at night). Lunch, I eat almost the same amount. Then I have heavy snack in the afternoon...then almost nothing at night..kasi I will sleep na eh.