On Wavering Yet Again


A photo by Stoonn via freedigitalphotos.net

Para nang sirang plaka ang mga goals ko dito.

I swear to diet...
and I don't.

I swear to work out...
and I do naman...

I have gone back to Jillian's 30 Day Shred after months in the treadmill.

Not that I detest my treadmill ha.

I actually love my treadmill.  My treadmill is located at the uppermost floor in our house overlooking the street. I love walking and running (more of walking hehe)  while watching the kapitbahays do tsismis, or take their kids to school, or see people running when it starts drizzling, or not seeing anything (I have seen one amazing scene during one treadmill session.  Our place was blanketed in fog I swear I can't see beyond the window! (I kid not!  I am going to look for a picture that I took to prove it.

So, anyway, I miss my treadmill, but I think only my legs are getting a workout.

And with the way I do it, you would expect me to slim down.


Epic fail talaga.

Because for every 30 minute session I do, I eat food equivalent to a one day session!


So to tweak it a little bit, I decided to bring Jillian back to my life again.

Except that the first time I tried it, on the first week of October, I got sick.

I lost my voice and I had a severe upper respiratory infection that lasted till the week after my birthday (first week of November).

O, di ba?  It seems like the universe is conspiring for me not to get slim!

I was back on Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred a week ago, with a firm resolve to complete it without skipping a session, but I missed three!  I had a seminar on Friday (about Code of Conduct,etc, but it was a fun seminar.) and my brother came home with Khalil last Saturday.

I went back to my workout yesterday, and included Yoga Meltdown.  I actually liked Yoga Meltdown.  It is so different from other Yoga workouts.  I bet gigil na gigil ang mga yoga masters at Jillian, because she totally turned it around! I will talk about it later.

So, workout is doing great (except that I can't do side planks!), but the eating part is not!

I have a terrible habit of "Ooh, I cooked dinner!  I just have to taste it!"  And yung taste turns into lamon.  Alam mo yun, parang wow, ang galing kong magluto. And feel ko malulugi ako if I don't taste it and get two servings! Tomaa!  I need to get a second serving!

And that is what is totally ruining my goal.

Which is making me decide to check in here everyday.

And see if my journey will lead me to the right path...

The path to good health and ...

being a diyosa!

Tingan natin!


  1. Now I feel blessed because I don't know how to cook much hahaha! It's not that I can't learn...it's that when you live mostly by yourself, katamad magluto at mas tipid bumili hehehe...

    I'm hanging out muna in your blogs hehehe...I've skipped the CE for this week, and maybe the following weeks pa. I just want to test something :-)