{Internet Safety}Is Your Child Safe at Home?



Our kids know the drill.  It is that same drill our parents constantly hammered in our heads when we were our kids’ age – “Never talk to strangers.  Never let any stranger go inside your house.”

But what if a stranger has been constantly entering your home?

Without you knowing it?



The world has changed so much in the last couple of decades.   The internet and its concept of a virtual world has grown in ways our parents have never imagined.   We as parents are encountering a wave of high technology which we sometimes cannot comprehend.  We are having a hard time dealing with the changes, while our children are embracing this new technology.  And this is when the danger may start.  Our children may be tech savvy, but because of their young age, they may be more vulnerable to the dangers of the internet.

Here are some tips to make your child safe on the internet.

Enter your child’s online life.

Most parents make the computer, the tablet or the smartphone as a sort of pacifier, a babysitter.  Don’t.  Enter your child’s online life.  Talk to them about what they are doing.  Warn them about posting online.  Tell them that just because the internet gives them a cloak of invisibility does not mean they are free to do and post anything they like. 

Don’t post any personal information.

It is always better to use a nickname, especially in forums and social media sites.  Tell them not to reveal any personal information, like their real name, their school, address, and phone number.   Just a single piece of information revealed can make a complete stranger know more detail about them.

Make them understand that not everyone is who they say they are.  Tell them not to trust anyone they don’t know and to never ever meet up with anyone they only know online without taking a trusted adult with them.

Set boundaries.

Don’t give your child unlimited use of the internet.  Just as you set boundaries  and rules on playing video games and watching TV, give them a certain time to spend time online.  Be aware of what they do, what they share and who they connect to.

Use parental controls on all devices that link to the internet.

Monitoring our children’s internet use has become more difficult as more new gadgets and devices can now link to the internet.  Even if we control their internet use, we can never be sure if they are connecting to a neighbor’s wifi. 

This is when the use of Familoop-parental control app on all your children’s gadget that can connect to the internet can help.  Parental controls are helpful tools and serve as website blocker, anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-spyware.    These parental controls are simple, effective and user friendly, making them a must-have in your quest for a safe internet for your children.  Some parental controls come with a child locator like Familoop Safeguard which will be launching in September 2015.

Familoop – website blocker offers more internet parental control than any other apps, making them the parental control app with the most complete protection.

By the way, if you opt-in with Familoop like many smart parents are, you could get a 60% slash from the original price.

Your child’s best online protection is still you.  Making them aware that the internet can be dangerous will make them vigilant of any danger that may be lurking in the cyberworld.Mommy Unwired