How To Match Your Décor With Your Personality


Our personality should transcend to our decor choices.

Here are some tips on how to match your decor with your personality.


Style #1: Contemporary Chic

If you…

  • are a go-getter
  • prefer things to be in order
  • have a moderate to busy lifestyle, and tend to keep things simple at most times, yet can go all-out when needed

…then you’d like your home to be straightforward, simple, and sleek.


You can achieve this look by…

  • getting rid of clutter
  • having minimalist patterns and clean lines
  • using neutral colors such as white, grey, black or brown
  • buying pieces that are made of glass, metal, leather, and wood
  • avoiding the “model unit” look
  • adding well-placed personal touches, like family photos on a console or a puzzle art you personally made on your wall
  • getting multi-purpose items like storage ottomans
  • adding a splash of color like bold red or orange
  • playing with lighting to create different dimensions for your space, and
  • working with different textures, so your space not only caters to your sense of sight but to your sense of touch as well.

Style #2: Eclectic

If you…

  • are quirky and individualistic
  • have lots of interest
  • appreciate art and life’s simplest pleasures
  • can scout vintage shops for that one particular piece that other people might not even look at, and are bold and impulsive

…then you’d like your home to be mixed and matched, varied but still put together.


You can achieve this look by…

  • displaying finds in unconventional ways
  • having old pieces stand alongside old ones
  • using bright colors such as fuchsia, green and blue
  • getting different materials and textures like wood, glass, acrylic, metal, plastic and cotton
  • displaying anything you want, yet making sure you tie everything with key colors
  • following the “anything goes’ rule yet striving to keep things organized, and
  • being aware of other people staying in the same house.  If they are not eclectic, then compromise.

Style #3: Well-travelled

If you…

  • are adventurous
  • appreciate the history of people, places and things
  • are always on the lookout for something new, and’'
  • love long conversations with friends

…then you’d like your home to be themed, cultured and inviting.


You can achieve this look by…

  • showcasing all your travel finds
  • not limiting your choices to antiques
  • buying pieces made of luxe metal or with intricate detail
  • spreading your finds around the house so it won’t look like a museum
  • displaying things casually, like placing them on the floor and letting them lean on the wall
  • having comfortable sitting areas
  • using colors like white and black, as well as yellow, red and orange
  • mixing in color to break the monotony of dominant materials like wood, and
  • balancing all that wood with soft cushions to make it comfortable.

Style #4: Casual

If you…

  • are carefree and outgoing
  • take things as they are
  • love to hang out with friends and family, and
  • hold lots of informal gathering…

…then you’d like your home to be relaxed, informal, and comfortable.


You can achieve this look by…

  • displaying pictures, kids’ artwork, and collections all over your home
  • having lots of overstuffed or upholstered furniture pieces
  • using earth or neutral colors with pastels like light yellow, aqua and lavender
  • getting natural materials such as cotton, beech wood, and sheer organza
  • using slipcovers, which allow you to enjoy the space without getting things dirty’'
  • opening up rooms to keep things informal
  • saying no to mood lighting and letting natural light shine through
  • working with nature and letting the outdoors in, and
  • keeping things clean and organized, because dirt and clutter are more obvious in light-colored rooms.My Life's Anik Aniks