Feng Shui Tweaks For Small Homes


Compact living is now becoming a part of the rapidly urbanizing metropolitan lifestyle.  Minimalism has even become the preference of many a small space dweller, whether in a studio condo unit or modern single detached starter homes.  And even here, proper feng shui is essential.  Thus, necessity leads to the reinvention of tweaks to manage chi or life energies.

Feng shui tweaks mainly come in the form of the spatial compass layouting of the main door of the house unit and the master bedroom, kitchen and ultimately, the master’s bed.  These are complemented by feng shui enhancement of symbolic lucky charms or symbolisms both in art and furniture accessories.

First, the compass side of tweaks must be handled by a professional feng shui expert.  This is the important part of the tweaking process.  Next are the interesting facts of it!  Here you can do it yourself as long as you have adequate guidance from an expert too.  Prominent among these are the lucky charm against illness, loss of money and disharmonies in a place.

Let us address these according to their importance.

Health Issues

Health issues can be remedied by placing Buddha images with the following Chinese beliefs and symbolisms akin to the Law of Attraction.  Buddha heads connote wisdom, and are often displayed in the living room or center tables.  What more can best depict good health attraction than a chubby, bubbly, cheerful Buddha image.  Normally those figurines, paintings or even sculptures (metal or wood) are placed facing the front door to welcome chi in a balanced manner into the place.

Turtle figurines are popularly used to usher in good health and protection.  These are best placed in alignments that face north to south. 

Six-rod metal chimes also aid in health.  They are placed in the illness star directions that move annually – that is why it is important to undertake feng shui maintenance every year.

Financial enhancements

Financial enhancements are primarily tweaked via small water fountains ideally placed at the right side of the main door upon entering.  Kitchen feng shui is imperative for financial success at home and at work.  Proper placement of cooking appliances must be observed at all times.

No cooking appliances should face any water symbol or fixtures like water dispensers or the kitchen sink faucets.  Strict geomancers or feng shui expert guidance must be solicited to assist in this exercise.


Last but of equal importance is the attainment of sustainable harmony in a place.  Avoid symbols of man-eating animals in the home to protect home occupants, so give away or destroy images of tigers or lions.  Also, avoid putting microwaves or oven toasters above a refrigerator so that fights worse than World War II won’t erupt among house dwellers.

Tweaking the symbolic factors of good health, wealth and happiness is the concern of every household.  With the twists and turns of daily living, proper placement even of family altars is imperative to keep the wealth within the family.  Likewise , for good garden feng shui, avoid creeping potted or landscaped plants.  So say goodbye to bouganvillea plants, creeping and thorny ones.

Lucky tweaks in the garden are pole bamboos and yellow green money trees of different varieties.  Eliminate thorny plants like cactus and bonsai.


If possible, bring zamio plants into the living room area to welcome prosperity. 

For a prosperous career and lovelife, choose potted bamboos.

Doing all these property harnesses the luck for any home.  The ultimate tweak is having an arowana fish at well-appointed locations in the living room or garage.Mommy Unwired