How To Clean Electronic Appliances The Right Way


We are surrounded by different gadgets and appliances designed to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.  Most of us can’t imagine life without these things, so it makes sense to take care of them to make them last longer and work better.

Here are some tops on cleaning TVs, computers and other electronic appliances in your home:

How to Clean Televisions and DVD Players


  • To clean your electronic appliance, first loosen the dirt on the surface with a small art brush to make cleaning easier.
  • Use the attachments of your vacuum cleaner to suck dirt and dust from small spaces and gaps.
  • Instead of linen or ordinary rugs that don’t absorb well, try using a small bath or kitchen towel to wipe down appliance surfaces.
  • Avoid using furniture polishes, waxes or oils as the plastic housing of most electrical appliances don’t really need them.  Windows and ordinary glass cleaners are inexpensive alternatives and do the job just as well.  Another cleaning aid is rubbing alcohol as it evaporates quickly.  Use with a cotton swab to make reaching into small crevices easier but make sure not to wet any circuits or inside parts.
  • When using any cleanser or cleaning aid, remember to spray into the cloth and not directly on the surface of the item you are cleaning.  Wipe once with the wet rag and wipe dry with a clean cloth.
  • Invest in electrostatic cloths that attract dust as they can keep the screen of your TV clear and sharp.  these are practical as they can be laundered, and aside from magnetizing dust from electronic equipment in your home, they are also handy helps in your car.

How To Clean Computers and Keyboards


  • When cleaning your keyboard, first use a small brush to loosen dust and dirt.  As with other appliances, never spray a cleaning solution directly on your computer as this may damage its parts.  Spray your cleaning solution of choice onto a cloth instead.
  • Baby wipes are an easy option instead of a wet rag when cleaning the housing and monitor screen of your computer.

How To Clean CDs and DVDs

How To Clean CD and DVD

  • If your CDs or DVDs tend to skip, try cleaning them with a soft cloth and a very mild detergent or just wipe them with a dry, lint-free cloth.  Try using cloth diapers if you don’t have cloths meant for cleaning CDs.  Wipe from the center out in a light, circular motion.


When cleaning electronic items, keep them as dry as possible.  Wipe off any remaining moisture and use a cotton swab to absorb any leftover water.  Another option is to disassemble the appliance (just be sure you can put it back together again) and allow it to air dry.

With these tips in mind, cleaning electronic appliances in your home can now be as easy as switching on that TV!My Life's Anik-Aniks