Big Ideas for Compact Gardens


A small garden is trickier to design.  One needs to be more creative and selective of the features that will go into the limited space while considering the aesthetics and function one wants. 

Big Ideas for Compact Gardens

Here are a few points to consider:

  1. Limit your garden palette.  Try to stick to two or three colors and two to three types of plant.  Keep the size of plants proportional to the area and to what is around the plant.
  2. Play with varying heights.  Having different levels in your garden can give the illusion of having more space.  Raise plant beds to different heights or simply plant larger plants at the back of the beds and smaller plants in front.  Hang plants on the wall or grillwork above the garden.
  3. Create the illusion of bigger space.  Using a mirror is probably one of the oldest and most effective trick in making a small space appear larger.  When done correctly, the reflection of the garden appears as though your planting extends much further than it actually does.
  4. Use your imagination.  Want a water feature?  Go ahead.  Water features have a similar effect as mirrors and using a small fountain, a wall curtain or even a garden pond will produce much needed light and detract from any claustrophobic feeling that a compact garden may create.
  5. Light up! Installing the red lights can do wonders for your small garden at night.  Wall-mounted lanterns heighten the texture of an otherwise boring wall and make a space visually larger.  Some tips on lighting:  opt for a simple lantern to go with a lush setting.  Choose droplights that are decorative both day and night.My Life's Anik-Aniks