Little Baby Steps


                                                                                   Source: via Robert on Pinterest


I am taking little baby steps to healing and positivity.  It is tough, I know, but I am receiving little signs.  For somebody who does not and totally scoffs at signs, this is one pretty remarkable step.  Just last week, I told you about reading "The Secret". I finished reading it last Sunday, I think, and it gave me good healthy doses on positivity.  Then, Andy just happened to text me last week and met up with us Friday evening.  He has changed a lot, or maybe I dealt with him with a close mind before.  He is brimming with positivity and it is very infectious. His presence probably helped me pick myself up and totally rediscover myself the way I was before I was friends with Halle Berry.


Let me tell you about Halle Berry.  Pero pahapyaw lang, because she deserves chapters and if I were to talk about her, the negativity would rub off the positivity that I am slowly re-claiming.  Being with her kept me off other people who probably thought I am like her.  In fact, I believe I was becoming like her, and becoming like her is something that you will not probably be very proud of, because I certainly am not proud of myself when I become like her.

Just a month ago, I got a feeling of what I was when we were friends and it hit me bad, in full measure.  During that incident when she was again going against the flow, I realized I was like that before.  I joined her when she tries to go against anything! And it didn't sit well pala with other people.  I might have come on as super annoying before.  I cannot imagine myself hanging out with her for years and listening to her endless stories on how her ex-best friends supposedly hurt or betrayed her or how she cusses and makes fun of almost everybody. The negativity rubbed off on me, I swear.  I was like her mini-me for years!  I bet people who hated her must have hated me, too!

She still is that way, although she can't totally act out her meanness because nobody is supporting her meanness the way I did before.  Her presence still annoys me.  I can't believe I prayed for her to be my friend again when she continues to be mean!

I am so sorry I am writing about this, because I wrote an article about trying not to spread online bad vibes, but I can't help it.  I have not included this blog at bc bloggers anymore, so that it would become sort of private, although I still have it on my sidebar, so anybody can see it.  In fact, Halle Berry might see this if somebody would tell her.  Although if this post goes viral, in our office anyway, I will know who brought it up, because, although my Mommy Unwired blog is popular (almost 24,000 hits in  just five months o di ba!  My aim is to have 24000 hits in 1 month, I wish hehe) and my Project:Me Only Better is getting sponsors (although ang baba pa rin ng views ko. I should think of a strategy to increase traffic),  nobody in the office knows I blog.  Kaya, if ever somebody stumbles on this and would try to inform Halle, bahala na, although I would know who.

So, anyway, enough of her because just thinking of her made me gloomy.  Haist!  I am thinking happy thoughts, happy thoughts lang!

Good night and I would probably write bukas about my little baby steps :)