New Year's Resolution!


I have lots of New Year's Resolutions. Which I try to do every year.  And lasts for umm, two weeks?

Here' one that I failed- run from 3 to 4 k everyday.  Here is another one!  Lose ten pounds by February 10 (My supposedly 10 on 10).  And another one! Re-do my South Beach Diet!

I was alarmed that I gained back the ten pounds I lost last  September instead of losing another ten.  I know.  I fell in love with carbs again.  They seem to be my downfall.  And I have stopped my treadmill for like two weeks?

So, since it is technically New Year, for the Chinese anyway, I am now declaring my New New Year's Resolution (one of the many but the only one I will talk about here or maybe on another blog if I get the chance.  Don't worry.  I will link posts) fearless and clueless (lol), that I am embarking on another weight loss program.  Mommies in the Philippine blogosphere call it "Balik-Alindog". and promising that by March 10, I will lose the ten pounds I gained.  And this is going to be called:

"My Ten On Ten Part XX"
(i am so not sure how many times I made this promise hehe)

Pero, seryoso na ito.  I will blog about it so I will be serious about it!