How To Have Blooms That Last


Test for freshness.


If you’re putting together your own party bouquet,try this trick.  In the flower shop, sniff the water that the flowers are sitting in.  It should not smell foul.  And rub the stems to make sure they aren’t slimy.

Buy bold flowers.

Floral arrangements look pretty in bright blooms.  You can use alstroemerias, which come in vibrant pinks, yellows, and burgundies (and they stay fresh for two weeks).  Another long lasting choice is the lime-green spider mums.  Also look for hypericum – its berries are burgundy, orange, brown or yellow.

Watch your water.

To prevent bacterial growth, remove any leaves submerged in water (they can produce flower-killing organisms).  Change the water at least every two days and add a preservative – either a mix from the florist or your own homemade life extender – a half teaspoon of sugar and a dash of bleach for every gallon of water.

Steer clear of the fridge.

You may have heard that it’s the best place to keep your flowers cool overnight.  But unlike florists’ “refrigerators,” yours isn’t set at the right temperature or humidity level.  Plus, your fruits and veggies emit ehtylene gas, which kills the blooms.completedfavicon

*Source: Good Housekeeping