Can You Get Red Nail Polish Off A White Shirt and Other Home Hacks


I guess CLUMSY is my middle name!

I splashed red nail polish (O.K. Accidentally.) and I was wearing white shirt.(Mental note to use nude nail polish next time.)


How To remove Nail Polish off a white shirt.

I have a friend who owns a laundry supplies store and she gave  me a small vial of this powerful chemical named P.O.G.  (It was actually written in pen and I later learned it stands for Paint, Oil, Grease).  You get a rug under the stained shirt.  Carefully put a drop of that powerful P.O.G. thingie on the red nail polish stain, dab a rug on the stain.  The stain magically transfers to the rug under the stained shirt.

But what if you don’t have a laundry-supplies-shop-owner friend who gives you this chemical named P.O.G.? Well, you still have that thingie you use to remove your nail polish, right?

Sponge over the red nail polish stain with pure acetone, which you can get at beauty supply shops and drugstores.  Then, launder the shirt as you normally would.

Stain gone.


Never use acetone on fabrics that contain triacetate or acetate (check care labels), because it can dissolve the cloth! (Stain gone, but with a gaping hole Open-mouthed smile!) For this, you can use amyl acetate, also available at drugstores.

How do you deodorize a closet and bedroom?

My bedroom and closet started to stink (and practically the whole house, I think, and it is not because of Philiphuss, our west highland terrier) after three weeks of non-stop rain.  How can I make them smell fresh again?

Well, as much as I hated cleaning, I started by keeping the space clean and organized.  I decluttered, vacuumed and dusted.  I aired the room by opening windows (except when the rain starts again).

To absorb musty odors, fill a sock or two with activated charcoal (available at stores) – or fill small bowls with baking soda – and place on a shelf.  If the smell persists, there may be a moisture problem.  Try using a fan or a dehumidifier to dry out the area.  Remind family members, especially your teenagers that dirty, sweaty clothes go in the laundry, not back in the closet.

How can I keep my marble floor looking magnificent?

Marble floors look magnificent, but not knowing how to properly clean them would make them looking blahh in years to come.  For marble floors, use a pH-neutral cleanser recommended for marble.  Conventional cleansers may contain acids that can damage the stone.  Wipe the marble dry after using the shower so minerals in hard water don’t etch the surface.  To further protect, cover with a marble sealer at least twice a year and polish weekly.

How can I store vegetables so they won’t wilt or go bad before I use them?

Most products keep best when it’s stored in perforated plastic bags in the fridge.  Put veggies and fruits in separate crisper drawers.  Ehtylene gas emitted by fruits can cause greens to yellow.  Try to use items within several days of purchase.

Should I cool hot food first or put it in the fridge?

It is not a good idea to let perishable foods remain on the counter or table for more than two hours.  If you prepare a hot dish in advance, place it in a shallow plastic or glass container and store it in the refrigerator until ready to serve, leaving enough time to reheat. And put those holiday left-overs promptly.completedfavicon