Saturday's A Killer

With the way I count the days, the hours, the minutes, the seconds to Saturday, you would think something big is happening on Saturdays.

Something big is happening alright.

And for this Saturday, my biggie is LAUNDRY.

Yup, say that after me, Laundry.

Relatable ba, mga muthers?

I always try to be efficient with my laundry. I try to do a pile one weekday so I won't be stuck with a big pile on Saturday so I would have more mall time to waste money that I should be investing (hehe).

Besides, I have my reliable Electrolux Fully Automatic EWT704.

It is one of my most-loved appliances.

And I would never do anything to hurt her.

Just tire her.

Because she delivers.

Imagine, you can finish a big pile without breaking into a sweat!  So unlike all the mommies I know who have those twin-tub washing machines and still make kusot.

With my Electrolux EWT 704, I can finish a book! And watch television!  And cook!  All at the same time.

It took multi-tasking to an entirely new level.

Okay.  Done professing my love with my washing machine.

The problem with this day is that one of our water tanks ran out of water.  Yes.  Tanke na lang siya.  Hindi na water tank.

I guess that is our perennial problem here in Q-M Subdivision.  For as long as I lived, we never had decent water supply.

I tried to live with twice a week water supply in 2 hours.  If the water reaches us - kasi our house is on a higher level.

The Baguio Water District sucks.  As. In.

So, anyway, the problem with this tank that ran out of water is that it is connected to my automatic washing machine.

Which means that if there is no sufficient water supply, my machine won't deliver.


I can't have water delivered to this tank too because no hose can't reach it. 

Baguio Water District water lang ang pag-asa.

So, I did my laundry in the other washing machine na sem-automatic, meaning you turn a knob and it turns, but you have to watch the water tub because it won't automatically shut down.  And it doesn't do the job for you from start to finish.  You put water, soap, get rid of the water, fill it up, rinse.  I can't imagine I have been doing this for years before I got my Electrolux.

And the problem is sira ang spinner nya.

So I have to rinse and make piga the water from the clothes, put them in my basket then run to where my autowashing machine is then set it to drain and spin.


So I must probably have carried tons today.

Meaning no Jillian for me today.

Just Lotus smooth Biscuit Butter (dahil mahal ang Spekuloos) and my wet clothes.

Plus, I had to throw in 5 pieces of denims in the dryer, because with the weather being foggy and all, there is no way they would be dry tomorrow.  We have to leave early tomorrow for Nicole's Family Day!

And oh, let me tell you about my dryer...my second love din...hehe

Next time!

Till then!

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