On Page Views


Since this is a personal blog by moi, I don't really expect page views.  I might work on it in the future (like in a century?), but for now, I will just fill it up with my thoughts and rants.

So, anyway, I was checking on my page views awhile ago and as usual, it is super kaunti, wala sa kalingkingan  and bukong bukong ng mommy blog ko wherein I get around 900 to 1,500 page views a day or even the low page views of my other blog  which gets lesser page views - around 10% only of my mom blog (90-200), but this "other" blog with lesser page views get more opps.  I probably earn more from this than the other one with more page views.

So, anyway, aside from Ms Aileen of http://www.iheartgoodhealth.com/ and http://www.aileen-a.com/ and the occasional visits from other blogger friends like Louise of Mommy Practicality and from Beach Body and other workout companies, I saw a website that sounded new-something about "our meets".  O, di ba, parang facebook or myspace.

I clicked it and holy moly, porn site.  Napamura ako(quietly) and I had to point my mouse to X para mag-exit agad.

Nakakahiya kaya, eh nasa office kaya ako pretending to work! (Down time lang naman...Don't judge me hehe)

 Buti na lang naka-mute ang sound.

Then I started to worry.

Baka may virus.

(By the way, computer virus means VITAL INFORMATION RESOURCES UNDER SIEGE.  Yup, it is an acronym.  (I like to think this blog is sort of educating you, like yesterday, you just learned crabs and spiders belong to the same phyllum. Hehe)

So, anyway, I had to turn off chrome, run on my anti-virus program and ccleaner.

Hopefully, hindi makamandag ang site na yun (just gross)...


  1. Halatang ginawa kong tambayan etong blog mo hahaha! Sis, I also got occasional views from that site at nagulantang ang lola mo pag click ko. Akala ko matino kasi harmless looking...ourmeets...ma-click nga. My gulay! Ano yan????!!! Aba may sound ba? Buti wala akong speaker hehehe. But am sure nakita sa server namin yun at traceable sa local IP address ko huhuh. So far I still have internet access. Malay ko ba na ganon pala yun. Hahay...

  2. I am not so sure if there is a nasty sound from that site haha . I was on mute. Ako naman, I am using my boss' personal wifi. Walang admin kaya buti na lang. Our office wifi has plenty of firewalls. Wala ngang FB doon. In my other blogs, I also keep getting vampirestat and googleadsensewatch dog which people say are spam sites