Suffering From Social Anxiety Disorder?Try Journaling!


Journaling For Social Anxiety

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This book is the perfect non-human companion for you when you are faced with thoughts and feelings so bad you don’t know how to cope.

This journaling book helps you cope with difficult feelings such as anger, anxiety through inspirational quotes, poems, and practical advice.

Why don’t you try journaling for social anxiety?


Journaling is one of the top remedies to naturally help with anxiety, stress, and depression.

If you have social anxiety, journaling gives you a creative outlet.

It lets you brain dump all those negative feelings you are experiencing.

It’s like taking a terrible weight off you and transferring it to your journal.

How a Journal Can Help You

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Writing in a journal every day can help your social anxiety.

Your journal gives you a place to express all your worries, your fears, and your negative feelings.

Being able to dump all the negativity will change your mindset to a more positive one.

Expressing all your feelings in your journal will ease off all the anxiety, the hurt and the fear you are so hating to feel.

What to Write About

Sometimes, when we are confronted with a blank page, we freeze and have nothing to write about.

But with all the anxiety bottled in you, you can choose to:

Express your recent worries and fears – Use the journal pages to write out all your fears and worries, whether general or about something specific.

Make plans for the future – Try writing about plans in the future. This can be anything from a relative you want to visit, to a vacation, or ways you will advance your education and career. This helps you to start creative a positive mindset.

Record any triggers you have noticed recently – Everyone with anxiety has certain triggers, even social anxiety. If you notice something is more prominent, record it so you can look back on it later.

Write a plan for helping with your anxious feelings – After you have written down situations that made you fearful or anxious, try to come up with resolutions for dealing with them next time.

How to Use it With Other Treatments

Journaling can also help when you are using other remedies to help with your social anxiety. Your therapist might recommend using a journal in addition to cognitive behavioral therapy, or you can use the journal to record times when you exercise if that is what you are doing to help with the anxiousness and fears.